A study by VDC cited these top three warehouse improvement initiatives for 2016:

  1. Get orders shipped faster
  2. Improve perfect order rate
  3. Improve labor optimization

Now you know what you need to improve business readiness, and here's how to achieve each of these initiatives:

  1. To get orders shipped faster, you need to understand whether your bottlenecks are related to labor, technology or process.
  2. To improve your perfect order rate, you to need to gain insights into data such as employee training and mobile device reliability.
  3. To improve labor optimization, you need to understand when workers are waiting for devices to free-up or trucks to unload palettes for scanning.

A recent third-party logistics study found 98 percent of those surveyed stated that data-driven decision-making is essential to future success of supply chain activities and processes.

Working in mission-critical supply chain retail warehouse or logistic environments, it’s clear that you can’t afford to just trust your gut instinct. Underutilized staff or penalties for late shipments more directly impact your bottom line and likely your take-home pay.

It really does make sense to give your organization a data advantage. By combining data from multiple sources such as warehouse, mobility and asset management systems alongside IT service desk information in single a view, you’ll be able to perform the analytics you need to make data-driven decisions. But you need those analytics at the speed of your operation not when your data specialists can fit you in. You need to make sure you can easily access, visualize and drill into your data yourself.

Discover your data
  • Get alerts about critical data that impact shipments
  • Visualize your device population – current utilization, offline devices
  • Share real-time views across sites of available devices and pickers
Gain insights
  • Understand the average scanner battery life and lifecycle
  • View the impact of software updates and patching on worker productivity
  • Drill-into employee service desk requests at peak times
Take action
  • Make adjustments to operations based on real-time data
  • Set meaningful productivity and order accuracy goals
  • Redeploy labor and devices at peak times

Once you start to discover the data trapped in individual systems and link that together in one place to obtain insights, you’ll be able to take data-driven action that improves your operational productivity and reduces your operational costs.

Optimize your warehouse