On a retail floor, there's a shopper with a question about product availability. And there’s a store associate with the opportunity to answer, creating a sale and building loyalty. 

In a distribution center, a picker carefully lifts a fragile item out of a bin and places it in a tote. They confirm the item visually through an image presented in the picker’s application workflow. The order will be fulfilled accurately. 

At a manufacturing facility, raw materials are delivered, inspected and signed for electronically — completing the inflow of components for production and initiating the reconciliation of accounts payable. It’s all immediately visible in the firm’s enterprise systems. 

A healthcare facility worker identifies a misplaced carton of antibiotics while conducting the ward’s inventory cycle. A member of the pharmaceutical team is immediately alerted via email and can appropriately account for the additional quantities on-hand to treat patients. 

An operations IT analyst has completed testing a critical mobile operating system patch and prepares it for deployment. The vulnerability risk will be mitigated across devices at all the organization’s facilities as each is checked in to a charging station. Work won't be interrupted, but threats are prevented. 

Every scenario described above is the result of an ecosystem of partners combining their unique technologies and talents in partnership to solve specific business concerns.   

The intensity of peak season aligns with the season of thankfulness, and in that spirit, we at Ivanti Wavelink are extremely thankful to our partners. We celebrate every innovative solution built on our Velocity platform and every managed service provider who keeps supply chain mobile deployments fully operational. 

To each of our partners: thank you! Continue building outstanding solutions that keep goods moving from the manufacturing plant to the retail floor, hospital supply room and consumer doorstep. We look forward to many more supply chain worker experiences transformed as we help advance businesses toward operational excellence together.