Product Newsletter Blog for November 2017

Product updates and releases covered in this newsletter:

Service Management

  • Ivanti Service Manager

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager
  • Ivanti DSM

Supply Chain

  • Ivanti Avalanche
  • Ivanti Velocity

Reporting and Analytics

  • Ivanti Xtraction

Ivanti Service Manager (powered by HEAT) 2017.3

Moving Into Production for the Cloud

Ivanti is releasing into production Ivanti Service Manager for the Cloud (formerly HEAT Service Management) 2017.3.

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Product Newsletter Blog for October 2017

Product updates and releases covered in this blog:

IT Asset Management

  • Ivanti License Optimizer

Operational Security

  • Ivanti Application Control
  • Ivanti Device Control

Service Management

  • Ivanti Automation
  • Ivanti Identity Director
  • Ivanti Service Desk
  • Ivanti Service Manager

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

  • Ivanti DSM
  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager
  • Ivanti Environment Manager
  • Ivanti LANrev
  • Ivanti Management Center


Ivanti Announces License Optimizer for Clients/Servers 2017.3

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients and Servers 2017.3 delivers an enhanced UI experience which includes benefits to:

License Optimizer for Clients

  • Simplify cluster and user management
  • Increase software library accessibility
  • Expand license record visibility

Data Center Discovery (Bundled in License Optimizer for Servers)

  • Enhance SNMP Reports
  • Elevate diagnostic activity
  • Improve searching and rest API functionality
  • Increase product stability (AKA bug extermination)

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Check out the part you played in Ivanti Application Control 10.1 FR3

Customers have been sharing their ideas for product enhancements.

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Improved Security Management in the Management Portal of RES ONE Workspace 10.1

We introduced a new web-based Management Portal for RES ONE Workspace in the 10.0 release earlier this year. Hopefully you’ve already been working with the new modern, easy-to-use Management Portal and finding its simplified way to identify and troubleshoot issues that occur across the workspace, and gaining increased visibility of how people are interacting with their workspaces is driving value in your RES deployments.

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