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Grant the Right Privileges to My Users Within MEM

Unified Application Control

Do more with MEM

Application control is a must for deterring zero-day exploits and protecting vulnerable legacy systems. But traditional methods can stifle users, overwhelm IT, and cause a whole new slew of security issues. 

When application control incorporates granular privilege management through MEM, your users won’t be lured into finding workarounds (shadow IT) when their admin rights are taken away. And your IT department won’t have to spend countless hours juggling different tools. 

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Enhance your application control

Simplify security for both IT and your users with privilege management that complements and extends the value of your system center configuration manager (MEM). 

Strike a balance
Go for granular control with the ability to self- elevate. You’ll keep malware at bay, users happy, and your IT team out to the weeds.
Simplified trust
Help ensure that only authorized apps can execute, based on context such as user role, locale and device.
Get in compliance
Privilege management helps you meet the needs of compliance requirements, such as the SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act).
Free up IT
Become a true business partner when you have more time to discover and deploy the latest tools for revenue generation and efficiency.

Upgrade your Application Control

You can’t rely on traditional tools in today’s ever-evolving security landscape. You need tools that work harder for you. Reduce risk without overburdening IT.

Application Control
Improve your security stance with dynamic whitelisting and granular privilege management.

Demand more from Application Control

Traditional app control doesn’t cut it when security vulnerabilities are growing and users need more access to apps than ever to stay productive.  

Trusted ownership

Help ensure that unknown applications can’t execute unless introduced by authorized systems or users.

Self-elevated privileges

Grant users the ability to run authorized apps for a period of time, despite restricted privileges. 

License control

Stay in compliance when access is granted based on established agreements. 

Policy engine

Give access to your users faster by using an engine operating on context-aware policies.

Gold images

Keep desktops in original gold-built state.

Workflow integration

Implement and deploy system center configurations easier through MEM.

Defend Against Ransomware
The FBI has 9 steps for prevention. Privilege management ranks near the top.
The Right Endpoint Security—Made Easy
Effective multi-layered security strategies include privilege management.
Privilege Management Matters
Balance user productivity and security by controlling access at the application level.