K-12 Education Solutions

School IT Management for Physical & Digital Classrooms

Handle the challenges of e-learning and device proliferation with ease, with solutions for school districts to discover, manage, secure and optimize all of your devices — in and out of the classroom — for a superior experience for educators, staff and students.

A Safe and Flexible Learning Environment

Gain control of all devices and other IT assets for a secure and optimized K-12 IT Infrastructure.

Know what's on your network

Get accurate and actionable visibility of all your devices and IT assets – no more disappearing Chromebooks!

Make sense of your asset data

Discover every device. Aggregate and harmonize the data so you know where each asset is, who has been using it, and whether it is secure.

Fix it now with a 360° view

Deliver faster resolutions of problems without disrupting educators or students. Use that same view to ensure every asset is up to date.

Provide an optimized learning environment

Put powerful capabilities into the hands of your IT team, educators and support staff enabling a continuous, amazing experience in both the physical and virtual classroom.

Barcode Scanning

Speed up data retrieval: scan devices to look up or modify information or scan multiple devices as part of asset tracking.

Optimize Cost

Make informed decisions about the performance and health of your hardware and software assets and avoid unnecessary purchases.

Lifecycle Tracking

Consistent asset management from procurement to purchase order, receipt, deployment and disposal.

Increase Uptime

Identify critical assets and potential risks to service and application availability.

Consolidate Data

Bring multiple data sources together for a single unified view of the entire school or district.

Asset Repository

Keep track of asset information, including identifying data, lifecycle status, stock, location and warranty information.

The Tools You Need

To discover, manage, and secure all the devices and systems within your school or district.

Ivanti Neurons for Discovery

Automatically discover and map the linkages between key assets with the services and applications that depend on those assets.

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM

Consolidate your IT asset data and you track, configure, optimize and strategically manage your assets through their full lifecycle.

Ivanti Neurons Workspace

Enable a 360‑degree view for faster problem resolution and a better user experience.

Ivanti Neurons for Spend Intelligence

Gain instant insights into your software landscape and application spend.

Expand Visibility, See Clearly, Act Decisively

This white paper provides six use cases illustrating problems that arise when schools don’t have full visibility into their devices and other assets – and what to do prevent these scenarios.