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enable schools, empower teachers, engage students with technology.

ENABLE automation for classroom apps and devices

Find out how Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District (in Houston, Texas) migrated 65,000-plus devices to Windows 10 in just two and a half months.

Empower students without compromising security & compliance.

ENGAGE students and staff with self-service

Learning from Denton Independent School District in Texas and how they centralized their service desk, leveraged self-service and voice automation to free up IT staff.

IT Solutions for Schools

Reliable and secure access to the latest and greatest digital classroom tools

IT departments need to be equipped with the right tools to empower a Year 7 science teacher to create a digital lesson plan on photosynthesis and deliver content and quizzes just to his students’ class iPads. At the same time, a secondary school maths teacher needs to lock all devices into “assessment mode” to give an in-class calculus test.

IT challenges range from protecting against ransomware, configuring and patching staff and student devices, users, apps and settings of devices used in specific classes in a school to managing and securing multi-user mobile devices so schools can safeguard hardware by keeping it within the classroom. There is  no denying that the demands of managing and securing technology can overwhelm a schools understaffed IT departments. But you can’t ask teachers to do IT work…or can you? Make it easy with self-service and automation.

Do more with what you have

The demand for technology in the classroom is always increasing, but budgets and resources aren’t. An education system extends beyond faculty and students to include administration, food services, transportation, and security personnel—and more. Piecemealing systems to manage different device types, ownership and operating systems quickly makes school IT staff feel overwhelmed with multiple systems in its management process. With possible overlap as well as oversight, this creates inefficiencies and increases the risk of errors in data security, such as the challenge of keeping the various computing devices provisioned, patched, and updated.

Manage complexity and compliance
1:1 ipad programme, Windows, Mac or Android devices need to be managed in a unified manner. Faculty, students, and staff require the privileges needed to be productive without the security exposure of full admin rights.
Keep Ransomware and cyber-attacks at bay
One in ten educational organizations in the US has been hit with malware (BitSight, 2016). Eliminate the chances of unintentional and intentional breaches from within and outside the firewall.
Avoid fire-fighting and armies of technicians
Automate important updates while also making it easy for users to manage their own environment with self-service, knowledgebase and voice automation. Free up technical staff at the school sites. Configure systems automatically at the start of each school year.
Patch Third-Party Applications
You might have your Microsoft programmes under control but what about patching your most vulnerable third-party apps, including Acrobat Flash, Java, and multiple Internet browsers
Automate Windows migrations
End of support dates for prior Windows versions are fast approaching. Migrate thousands of machines quickly. Map and update dozens of apps and drivers to the appropriate users and devices, plus restore user data and settings.
Extend Apple management
Seamlessly integrate with Apple school manager. Deliver all of the learning content, licences, and class roster information from Apple’s portal to the students, teachers, and classrooms where it is needed quickly and automatically.
Optimise assets and manage licences at a budget
Tablets and other devices may change hands throughout the school year. Easily discover what hardware needs to be purchased, updated, and maintained in order to keep costs down and your assets in good health. Track software licences to make the most of the software programmes you already purchased.
Proven IT solutions to enable digital teaching and learning
Manage and secure a growing number of tablets, phones and laptops. Support BYOD initiatives and enable learning on the go. Safeguard mobile devices from loss and theft. Streamline purchase and management of mobile apps, manage volume app licences, even distribute and revoke licences as necessary.

Proven IT solutions to enable digital teaching and learning.

Ivanti has provided school districts with the ability to automate, manage and secure their IT services and devices for more than 20 years. Students and staff are able to focus on learning and rest easy knowing their devices are centrally managed and secure.

Endpoint Manager
Centrally manage, configure, and deploy Windows, Mac, iOS and Android endpoints on and off the network with more efficiency and less disruption.
Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
Protect against even sophisticated threats with solutions ranging from patch management of your third-party apps, mobile security, priviledge and access management to a complete defence-in-depth security framework.
Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
Automate service delivery to improve IT support performance and efficiency enhanced with workflow automation, self-service, voice automation to efficiently support students and staff.

Improve IT services, optimize software and hardware assets, protect the network, and safeguard student data

When IT is not scrambling to manage and secure a fragmented fleet of devices with variable operating systems and ownership statuses, data is more secure and IT resources are not wasted. With the proper support in place, IT Departments can leverage the benefits of mobility and digital learning tools to better run, grow and transform their schools.

Cross-platform support

Discover, inventory, and configure all devices—PCs, Macs, laptops, servers, tablets, and smartphones. Simplify imaging. Quickly deploy or migrate to the latest Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Interact securely with users via remote control. Fix their issues and educate them from anywhere. By replacing multiple systems with one single solution, Ivanti creates time and cost efficiencies

Prepare for Windows 10

Cut the time and cost of application-package customization by decoupling application settings from the package itself. Automate app configurations based on the destination OS and elevate user privileges dynamically to instal. Migrate your users and applications efficiently and securely. Automate delivery of complete migrations and customizations to all of users, even across multiple operating environments and device types.

IT asset optimization

Complete visibility to maximise the performance and value of your hardware and software. Gain the ability to reclaim unused software, meet compliance requirements, and save time with a centralised view of your assets.

Multi-layered Defences

Automate discovery, patch management, and application and device control. You can even isolate infected devices and take action swiftly to keep malware from spreading.

Unprecedented Endpoint Control

Manage user privileges at a deep, granular level. Prevent unauthorised code execution. And enforce software licencing through our singular “trusted ownership” model and an improved approach to traditional whitelisting and blacklisting.

Multi-user management

Allow settings and apps to follow students — rather than devices — from class to class. Multi-user configurations also allow budget-constrained schools to extend the benefits of Apple’s powerful classroom technology to more students through dynamic smart policies.