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Ensure Security and Visibility for Healthy IT Outcomes

Patching Aids Compliance

Patching healthcare IT systems is essential toward maintaining HIPAA compliance.

NHS Arden & GEM CSU reduced help desk calls by 40%

Better Outcomes

Improve the experience for IT and users through visibility and responsiveness, while maintaining compliance.

Prescription for IT Health

Do No Harm, Enable Quality Care

Patient care is the most important thing for healthcare organizations. That means healthcare IT has to be so seamless it’s virtually unnoticed by the clinicians, nurses, and hospital staff that interact with technology.

Healthcare IT teams face many demands. Securing highly sensitive data and conforming to HIPAA regulations is one focus. Ensuring caregiver access to systems they need at the point of care is another. Managing and reporting on the numerous medical devices across the campus is yet another. 

Modernize IT for Improved Quality of Care

With high-performing IT, caregivers spend more time on patient wellness. Ivanti helps you modernize IT, maintain compliance, and focus on care.

Secure Patient Records
Confidentiality of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is critical, as is access for those delivering care.
Protect Against Cyber Attacks
Don’t allow unpatched assets or phishing threats contaminate your healthcare IT environment.
Check in New Assets
Don’t let unauthorized devices and software expose your facilities to additional costs or risk.
Stay Compliant
Avoid significant non-compliance penalties. Ensure alignment with HIPAA and local regulatory requirements.
Respond Faster
Keep user frustration from compounding the pain caused by a technology glitch.
Prepare for New EU Regulations
Be ready for MDR and the EUDAMED database with a modern approach to asset management.

Keep Your IT Systems at Peak Health

Ivanti helps you raise IT performance, security, and compliance across your environment. Our solutions meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations, delivering a better experience for your clinicians, caregivers, and patients.

Security Controls
Simplify security with unified prevention, detection, and response techniques.
Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager
The tools you need to be immediately effective at saving your company’s data and reputation.
Ivanti Neurons for ITAM
Asset visibility, lifecycle management, and reclamation capabilities to optimize investments.
Ivanti Neurons for ITSM
The most affordable, flexible and complete cloud-optimized ITSM solution available.

Solutions for Better IT Experiences

Get all the tools to secure, track, and manage your IT environment from one trusted vendor.

Clinicians have multiple ways to request service, and get the “white glove” service they expect.

Patch more apps from the data center to endpoints at the point of care using the largest 3rd-party patch catalogue in the industry.

Powerful endpoint security management including media protection, remote control, security diagnostics, dashboards and reporting, app control and more.

Insights to verify compliance, confirm protection from the latest threats, and verify stability of the patched environment.