healthcare it solutions

Healthcare IT Solutions

Discover, manage, secure and service the many endpoints across your organisation – so medical staff can focus on patient care, not technology troubleshooting.

Protecting healthcare technology's weakest link

Increase productivity and keep employees happy by letting Ivanti's healthcare-focused technology manage and secure your endpoints from end to end, ensuring patient safety, data confidentiality and service availability. Discover and remediate all your hardware and software assets and easily run reports.

Prescription for IT Health

Do No Harm, Enable Quality Care

Patient care is the most important thing for healthcare organisations. That means healthcare IT has to be so seamless it’s virtually unnoticed by the clinicians, nurses, and hospital staff that interact with technology.

Healthcare IT teams face many demands. Securing highly sensitive data and conforming to HIPAA regulations is one focus. Ensuring caregiver access to systems they need at the point of care is another. Managing and reporting on the numerous medical devices across the campus is yet another. 

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Better patient security

Patch more apps, from the data centre to endpoints at the point of care, using the largest third-party patch catalogue in the industry. Receive up-to-the-minute insights about every patch and the associated vulnerabilities.

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Point-of-care protection

Powerful endpoint security management, including media protection, remote control, security diagnostics, dashboards and reporting, app control and more.

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Better visibility

Insights to verify compliance, confirm protection from the latest threats and verify stability of the patched environment.

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Transform collaboration

Centralise knowledge and break down silos to enhance communication throughout your entire healthcare system with a single source of truth. Gain new visibility into the upstream and downstream impact of devices and applications.

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Modernise IT for improved quality of care

With high-performing IT, caregivers can spend more time on patient wellness. Ivanti helps you modernise IT, maintain compliance and focus on care.

Secure patient records

Confidentiality of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is critical, as is access for those delivering care.

Protect against cyber attacks

Don’t allow unpatched assets or phishing threats to contaminate your healthcare IT environment.

Improve visibility of assets

Don’t let unauthorized devices and software expose your facilities to additional costs or risks.

Stay compliant

Avoid significant non-compliance penalties. Ensure alignment with HIPAA and local regulatory requirements.

Respond faster

Keep user frustration from compounding the pain caused by a technology glitch.

Focus on patient strategic initiatives

Achieve faster time-to-value and reduce overhead, allowing you to reinvest time and money saved into other strategic patient-centered initiatives.

Keep your IT systems at peak health

Raise your IT performance, security and compliance with solutions that meet the specific needs of healthcare organisations.

Ivanti Neurons for Service Management

Automate ticket prioritization and improve productivity – so healthcare staff can focus on patient care.

Ivanti Neurons for Healthcare

Assess security risks, get threat reports and reconcile medical device information across multiple data sources.

Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management

Get visibility into your entire asset estate – including mobile devices – and enable self-healing and self-securing.

Ivanti Endpoint Manager

Manage all your on-premises devices – from Windows to macOS to Linux to Chrome OS, and even IoT – from a single console.

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