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Ivanti Workspace Control

Context-Aware Workspace Management

Workspace management for context aware digital workspaces across physical, virtual and cloud environments

A smarter way to manage and control workspaces

Provide workers with a familiar and seamless user workspace that dynamically changes based on user context, while making it easier to manage for IT.

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Improve the User Experience
Deliver a user workspace optimized for the user’s context including their location, device, time of day, and more.
Reduce IT Complexity
Centralize the management of users across physical, virtual and cloud environments, and simplify infrastructure updates.
Integrate with Leading Software Vendors
Get an easy-to-use interface for defining policies and privileges for users, apps, data, printers and other resources across the enterprise.

Support Access from Multiple Devices

Your users want to work from anywhere, anytime, forcing you to support access to corporate data, apps, and networks from multiple devices. Ivanti Workspace Control allows you to provide workers with an always-familiar user workspace across physical, virtual, and cloud environments, in any context.

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More efficiency. More agility. More context aware.

Ivanti Workspace Control helps IT customize the user workspace and optimize it for the user’s context.

Advanced user profile management

Eliminate corrupt profiles and personalization and configuration issues as users roam across physical and virtual environments. 

Application management

Manage app settings, personalization, shortcuts, user installation policies, and other configurations centrally.

Analysis and reporting

Centralize troubleshooting and reporting of user activity.

Reverse seamless technology

Allow for apps and peripherals running in physical environments to appear within a virtual session.

Secure and Context Aware

Secure the user workspace with context aware black and whitelisting and least privilege management. Take control over USB devices, redirection of websites and hide system items.

License Compliance

Take control over your app usage and block non licensed applications.

Migrate Faster

By decoupling the user profile from the operating system, user settings can be migrated from one device to another without the help of an IT-admin.

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