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Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX)

Virtual Desktop Software

Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) delivers a single workspace for your end users, optimizing the local computing resource on an application-by-application basis.

Seamlessly integrate local and hosted applications

Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) provides a unique ability to seamlessly enhance remote and virtual desktops with applications that run locally, while using the underlying processing power, graphic capabilities and peripherals of the local computer.

Seamless user experience

Execute applications either from the local device or in the data center, with a seamless user experience. This allows you to host sensitive apps in the data center and allow users the freedom to run local apps.

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Mix-and-Match physical and virtual

Eliminate the need to switch between sessions. Virtual and physical apps are merged into a single workspace.

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Add heavy apps to your virtual environment

Provide your workforce with easy access to ‘heavy apps’ such as AutoCAD, Photoshop and more within their virtual environment.

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Support BYOD

Employees bringing their own device can run their preferred apps locally, without any danger of compromising your centrally hosted corporate environment.

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Reverse seamless technology

Integrates local applications into a remote desktop, be it Virtual or Hosted.


Ivanti Virtual Desktop Extender extends the digital workspace through Independent Computing Architecture (ICA), Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and PCoIP virtual channels.

Fully integrated with Workspace Control

Virtual Desktop Extender is fully integrated with Ivanti Workspace Control, which enables printer information, local device location and IP addresses to be shared between local and remote sessions.

Easy installation

Installs easily without complicated configuration.