Cherwell Asset Management (CAM)

IT Asset Management Software for the Enterprise

Cherwell Asset Management is a software and hardware asset management (SAM) tool that reduces software license spending, IT overhead, and software audit risk.

Get the Full Picture

Take the guesswork out of what’s installed across your network

Stop Wasting Resources

Eliminate wasteful spending by identifying unused or underutilized software assets

Align ITAM and ITSAM

Optimize operations so you can focus your time on innovation

See CAM in Action

IT Asset Management for the Enterprise

Consolidate your hardware and software license, usage, and inventory data to seamlessly track and manage IT investments—and abandon Excel spreadsheets. Cherwell Asset Management integrates seamlessly with Cherwell ITSM.

Ivanti Asset Management doesn’t touch the patients directly, but its indirect touch is incredibly important. With strong support operations, we provide better patient care, secure in knowing that we’re managing our end devices better through asset tracking and management.

Hardware and Software Inventory

See what's installed across your network with IT asset discovery and inventory reporting.

License Compliance Management

Proactively monitor your license inventory and usage to correct deficits before an audit.

Software Usage Analysis

Reclaim 15-20% of your annual software budget through license re-allocation and optimization.

ITAM Purchasing System

Consolidate IT procurement and licensing information and reconcile purchasing data with inventoried assets.

On average, organizations using CAM reclaim 15-30% of their annual software budget through re-allocation of licenses, termination of maintenance fees and support costs, and renegotiation of software contracts.