Ivanti Neurons for ITAM

Stop wasting money and start optimizing. Get the complete picture of your IT assets from purchase to disposal.
The Hidden Cost of Lockdown on IT Assets

Solve the problem of finding out where your IT assets are, who is using them, and whether they are secure.

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Asset Lifecycle Management
Optimize use and performance of your IT assets and contracts.
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Service & Asset Management

5 Examples why ITSM & ITAM are Better Together.

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Get Asset Visibility

Total Asset Optimization

Ivanti Neurons for ITAM consolidates your IT asset data and lets you track, configure, optimise and strategically manage your assets through their full lifecycle. The solution's configurable design helps you define and follow your own workflows or implement out-of-the-box processes.

Whether managing hardware, server, client, virtual, cloud, or software assets, you gain a complete view of your IT asset management position.

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Gain At-A-Glance Information On Your Hardware & Software Assets

Improve efficiency

Save time and reduce resources dedicated to managing your assets.

Curb overspend
Reduce downtime, increase productivity, and gain an accurate picture of your IT environment for better decision making.
Reduce risk
Avoid financial risks and security threats, reduce theft and loss, install updates, and ensure your assets are used appropriately.

Lifecycle Tracking

Consistent asset management from procurement to purchase order, receipt, deployment and disposal.

Asset Repository

Keep track of asset information, including identifying data, lifecycle status, stock, location, and warranty information.

Product Catalogue

Visibility into purchased and assigned assets, current stock levels, or active orders to increase speed to provision while reducing service desk calls.

Cost and Contract Visibility

Report on IT spend, calculate and track asset age and value. View  and manage contracts effectively and make informed decisions for contract negotiations.

Barcode Scanning

Speed up data retrieval: scan assets to look up or modify information or scan multiple assets as part of asset tracking.

Accurate and Actionable Asset Insights

Real-time discovery, automated reconciliation and normalisation in minutes, pre-populates Asset Repository.

Vendor Management

Store vendor information and aggregate performance in vendor scorecards to ensure you are managing strategic vendors effectively.

Integrate with Service Management

Asset repository integrates with your service management CMDB for up-to-date asset information, easy request management and improved service delivery.


Hosted on Ivanti's multi-tenant, cloud-based technology platform; ISO 27001 certified. Ivanti Neurons for ITAM is also available on-premises. 

IT Reporting

Create beautiful dashboards of IT Asset Data.


Employ automation across your IT systems.

Manage Assets from Anywhere

Mobile app to manage your IT assets while remote or on the move. Search for assets, update fields, check for incidents, and apply automated quick actions.

Strategic IT Asset Management

It’s time you stop with the firefighting and start being strategic with your IT asset management software. Having insight into where your assets are, how much they’re costing you, and how they’re performing throughout their lifecycle—we’re talking cradle to grave—gives you the edge you need to make your assets work harder for you.

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