Browser Manager

Provide a common user experience across all browsers and devices.

Optimize SaaS Access

Achieve faster login times while lowering infrastructure costs.

A Smooth Experience

Improve users’ browser experiences while minimizing the impact on IT.

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Synchronize Desktops and Devices

Deliver the right browser experience every time.

A Common Experience Across Devices and Browsers

Consistency in the Age of SaaS

With the exponential growth of SaaS, it’s critical to be able to manage browser usage, data and synchronization in order to provide a positive experience for users, no matter where they’re working. And managing this data within an enterprise environment is a balance between providing the user a consistent experience without impacting user logon times or infrastructure costs.

Ivanti Browser Manager maximizes the end-user experience by retaining essential web data, so that user favorites are synchronized across all browsers and URLs redirect to an appropriate browser. With Ivanti Browser Manager you can provide a user experience optimized for mobile and remote users in a multi-browser environment across all desktops, physical and virtual instances.

Every browser Is different

But with Ivanti Browser Manager you can create a common, optimized experience by retaining essential web data, synchronizing favorites across all browsers, and redirecting URLs to the correct browser.

Favorites Synchronization

Synchronize user-created favorites across all browsers.

Browser Data Management

Manage cookies and other browser generated profile data across all browsers and devices.

Browser Redirector

Redirect URLs to the right browser for the application or content accessed.

Drive a whole new experience

Faster Login Times

Optimize performance while improving the user experience.

Cut Costs

Reduce infrastructure costs without risking performance.

Multi-Browser Support

Ensure a consistent experience across all browsers.

Manage Cookies

Ensure complete cookie management for all users and browsers.

User Workspace Manager

Ivanti Browser Manager is part of the Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) suite, which also includes Ivanti Application Control, Ivanti Environment Manager, Ivanti Performance Manager and Ivanti File Director. Using a centralized management console for all the applications in the suite, UWM helps organizations deliver responsive, secure desktops that provide an outstanding employee experience, save money on servers, manage users more effectively and reduce endpoint security risk.