The City of Seattle Leverages Ivanti Neurons to Improve their Service & Asset Management Experience, Achieving Greater Efficiency, Accuracy and Asset Optimization

Using Ivanti, the City of Seattle Benefits from a Unified, Modernized IT Landscape and Improved Employee Experience

SALT LAKE CITY — 1 de septiembre de 2021 —

Ivanti, the automation platform that discovers, manages, secures, and services IT assets from cloud to edge, today announced that the City of Seattle, a progressive leader in technology, innovation and environment, is leveraging Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM to create efficient, repeatable processes and a better way to discover, track, and optimize their IT hardware and software assets.

To enable its consolidation of 50 IT departments into one unified department, which it called ‘Seattle IT’, the City of Seattle chose to extend their Ivanti Neurons for ITSM solution with Ivanti Neurons for ITAM.  This is allowing the City of Seattle to standardize and mature its IT processes to be more efficient and enables its IT teams to avoid duplication of processes and provide a more efficient experience across the board. The City of Seattle is using service and asset management from Ivanti together, to maximize operational efficiencies and improve service delivery experiences, while also optimizing compliance and cost.

“Before we merged all departments into one interface, we lacked visibility into what software applications were available and how they were being used,” said Jenny Rock, ITSM Product Engineer at City of Seattle. “As we deploy service and asset management from Ivanti we are able to fully integrate our processes and gain visibility into all our software and hardware assets. This allows our department to optimize the value, cost and compliance across the asset lifecycle. Additionally, we are able to automate manual processes and ensure more timely delivery of essential services and support for our customers.”

The City of Seattle now has a comprehensive picture of all IT software and hardware assets from cloud to edge, which has been vital with more than 15,000 active employees and the movement of personnel in and out of the city government. To date, the City of Seattle’s IT organization has loaded over 1700 software applications and 42,200 city records into the Computer CMDB, which consists of 7,900 laptop computers, 2,000 tablets and 12,000 desktop/specialty workstations.

"With Ivanti, we’re now bringing all of our assets into a modernized ITSM interface and will be setting up actions, rules and processes for managing our inventory. To be able to pull this detail from one system helps our department be much more transparent to our customers and make it easier for them to request assets. Overall, our goal is to minimize both losses and inefficient processes," said Rock.

“ITSM and ITAM have traditionally been implemented in separate areas of an organization with different business objectives and goals, yet their processes and data are highly interrelated,” said Nayaki Nayyar, President and Chief Product Officer, Ivanti. “When ITSM and ITAM are closely aligned and integrated, many activities and processes become more automated, efficient and responsive — and this prevents items from falling through the cracks. With Ivanti Neurons for ITSM and Ivanti Neurons for ITAM, IT teams gain greater insight and are better positioned to implement more proactive practices that increase service levels, ultimately improving the end user experience and provide efficiency at lower cost.”

The City of Seattle is now in the process of expanding their service and asset management deployment to include servers, databases, infrastructure devices and communications devices and to manage the associated software licenses, entitlements, warranties and contracts through the same system for further efficiency improvements.

Read the full case study here.

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