Ivanti Unveils Study Showing Enterprises Ready to Transform Mobile Warehouse Solutions

With legacy mobile operating systems nearing end of life, supply chain businesses increasingly look toward an Android future

SALT LAKE CITY — 1 de marzo de 2017 —

Ivanti today announced the results of a survey of over 100 high-ranking warehouse professionals that indicate decision makers with mobile solution purchase are increasingly seeking to reevaluate and upgrade their mobile OS systems used in their warehouses.

Ivanti recently contracted VDC Research to poll high-ranking professionals who are responsible for selecting mobile solutions or have specification responsibility for use in warehouses and distribution centers. The survey was completed by 107 qualified respondents across North America and Europe.

A growing share of decision makers are either considering or have definite plans to migrate away from legacy Windows devices to run alternative operating systems. With a broadening selection of rugged mobile computers to choose from, many are closely eyeing Android. The increasing number of supply chain businesses that are considering an alternative mobile pathway indicates the need for a comprehensive mobile platform that provides telnet modernization and web app support for Android’s growing base.

“The demands on warehouse operators to increase productivity while tightening costs are ever increasing, and more companies are looking to do this by refreshing their supply chain mobility deployments,” said Steve Bemis, vice president of mobile productivity at Ivanti. “And because current mobile operating systems will be out of service soon, making the change while minimizing disruption becomes essential.”

Ivanti’s study discovered that even as order accuracy and labor optimization continue to rank as top priorities for warehouse improvement, they run parallel to the initiative of faster shipping. The leading pressure driving investment in mobile solutions was customer demand for faster orders (55.7 percent), followed by systems proving incapable to keep up with these orders (42.1 percent) and the high cost of labor (37.5 percent). These productivity metrics are the force driving enterprises to explore the latest mobile technology.

Other key findings from Ivanti’s study include the following:

  • Existing mobile operating systems nearing end of life (EOL). The primary factor driving the decision to upgrade mobile devices was because mobile OS systems on an existing device were nearing EOL (34.8 percent), while 24.7 percent are upgrading to obtain a more modern/visual interface. Because the legacy systems are approaching the end of the road, migrating to a new mobile system will soon not only be a wish but an imperative.
  • Migrating legacy Windows devices. Nearly 40 percent of respondents indicated they are evaluating or planning to move to an alternative mobile OS platform for their next generation mobile computing solution. As Android devices making up a rapidly growing percentage of rugged device shipments — 36.9 percent in 2016, up from 24 percent in 2015 based on a recent VDC report — this number is only expected to grow.
  • Security is top concern. Respondents overwhelmingly wanted a secure mobile OS, and rank that as their top selection criteria (55.1 percent). They also are seeking a platform that has the ability to customize (34.8 percent) and presents a modern user interface (30.3 percent).

“The transition to a new generation of devices means a large step forward in the evolution of operating systems, and the acceleration of Android adoption,” Bemis said. “Ivanti’s Velocity platform provides the best way for these businesses to fully leverage the latest mobile user experience without disrupting existing, optimized enterprise systems. Through Velocity, operators can accomplish more tasks every day, meeting and exceeding the warehouse productivity metrics that have become such a high priority.”

Ivanti Velocity, powered by Wavelink, optimizes warehouse solutions and helps warehouses fulfill their modernization initiatives as they refresh their mobility deployments. Velocity makes the transition to new platforms a seamless, painless experience, minimizing or eliminating the costs associated with app migration. The Velocity platform modernizes companies’ existing terminal emulation client and provides an Android browser experience for web applications. Users are more productive using Velocity as the mobile experience is familiar and optimized for today’s touchscreen mobile devices.

To gain additional insights from the study, please visit https://go.ivanti.com/VDC-Report-Request.html. To learn more about Velocity, powered by Wavelink, please visit https://www.ivanti.com/products/velocity/.

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