Velocity(powered by Wavelink)Move existing telnet and web apps to Android at a pace you control.


Bring your existing “green screen” apps to Android, and add a familiar, touch-enabled user experience.

Set the pace of your Android migration, and easily hit milestones for time and budget.


Running SAP, Oracle, or other web-based systems? Optimize the mobile experience.

Moving to Android is Easy

Leave the 90s behind

Securely deploy Android in retail and supply chain operations, and break free from keyboard-based mobile devices.

Your enterprise systems never had a better mobile interface. Perfect for a new generation of touchscreen devices. With Velocity, powered by Wavelink, not only can telnet screens get an Android touchscreen experience, but your web apps can, too!

Voice for Android Apps

Learn how easy it is to voice-enable Android applications. Speakeasy for Velocity adds hands-free, eyes-forward data capture for your mobile workers. Check out how easy it is to implement.

Give your workers the right tools to be more productive

Your warehouse is a fast-paced operation, but you're still chasing productivity increases year after year. Customer demands keep that pressure growing—far faster than your budget. We can help.

Improve worker productivity
When you bring the familiar, multi-touch experience of today's personal devices into the mission-critical apps that drive your business, you accelerate task-screen navigation and enable your workforce to enter data more quickly and accurately.
Protect your investment in your web or host systems
Velocity can interface to your existing warehouse management system (WMS) or other supply chain management systems, without the need to migrate or modify the host application.
Pick the best mobile device for your workers
Have a preferred device form or brand? No problem. Velocity is available for most Android devices—many with unique technology access thanks to close collaboration with device manufacturers.

Take full advantage of today's mobile-device displays

Text-based host apps become intuitive, easy-to-navigate touchscreen experiences.

Raise productivity with an optimized mobile experience

Powerful scripting and reformatting capabilities enable you to automate data parsing and customize workflows.

Keep workers on-task

Security controls ensure workers remain in productivity apps—and out of trouble.

No middleware necessary

No complexity (or cost) between your mobile apps and your host system.

With Ivanti Supply Chain (Wavelink), we’re seeing an annual savings of $549,548 in productivity, training, and audit costs alone. The solution paid for itself in fewer than three months.
Daniel SandersDirector of Distribution


Our Session Persistence Server (formerly ConnectPro) prevents dropped telnet connections where network performance is questionable.

Get modernized

Take your business to the next level with Velocity