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Manage the Employee Lifecycle

A secure and productive day one

Many IT teams struggle to support the employee onboarding process. Getting people the right access to the right apps and resources can often take days, even weeks. IT must also keep up with role changes and the critical offboarding process that protects access to key systems once an employee leaves the organisation. A manual approach leads to downtime, inefficiencies, and even poses security risks. 

Employee Lifecycle Management

Provision and secure workers throughout their time at your organisation.

Integrate with HR Systems
Connect into HRIS and payroll systems to aggregate employee information.
Identity-based Onboarding
Automatically deliver access to apps and services based on user identity and business qualifications.
Optimize Costs
Manage hardware and software requirements centrally to save costs and support productivity.
Workforce Productivity
Empower users to request approved and ad-hoc apps and services through a web and mobile storefront.
Support Role Changes
Automatically adapt access to apps and services based on qualifications and new roles.
Increase Security
Automatically revoke apps and services when someone is terminated or leaves the organization to mitigate risks.
Increase Visibility
Report on who has been granted access to what and who has been offboarded to simplify audits and compliance requirements.

Here’s how we can help

Ivanti products will ensure that you provide the right access to the right apps no matter how many role changes people make.

Identity warehouse

Collect attribute and access qualification info from existing sources.

Automated provisioning

Provision access to systems, apps, and services based on identity to mitigate the risk of human error and avoid manual processes.

Web and mobile storefront

Give users a single destination to request new apps or services.

Software licence optimization

Allocate software more effectively to reduce costs and support productivity.

Automated deprovisioning

Return services and revoke access immediately once an employee is offboarded.

Real-time dashboards

Provide insights into who has access to what, who has joined or left the organization, and more.

Related products

Empower employees, while reducing risk

By combining identity, service management, and asset management, IT can close the loop on onboarding and offboarding processes and deliver secure and relevant services to the business. 

Ivanti Neurons for ITSM

Manage and improve service delivery for users from the cloud or on-prem.


See reporting and analytics across the employee lifecycle.

Fast and Secure

Onboarding and offboarding, from Ivanti.