Mac Device Management

Manage and Secure Mac Devices

Comprehensive Mac device management

Consolidate your device management platforms and reduce the cost and complexity of managing Macs throughout the device lifecycle. Set your IT team on a path to hyper-automation and provide personalised, contextual experiences that give end-users the freedom to use their Mac devices how they want.

Streamline provisioning and deployments

Use provisioning templates to automate your upgrade processes, including communications with users, laying down all supported and licenced applications, and standardising your macOS images. Deploy your Apple devices effortlessly via direct integration with Apple Business Manager, providing your employees with access to Apple services, device enrollment, distribution of apps, books, software and more.

mac device management

Improve user experience and efficiency

Efficient, low-touch management enables admins to configure Macs over the air using Apple Business Manager (ABM). Remote and contract workers can quickly access business apps and content on a fully provisioned Mac wherever they work.

mac device management

Scale Apple software and patch rollouts

Deploy to thousands of machines in mere minutes. Organise, automate, and roll out the operating systems, software distribution, and patching projects to users in different groups throughout multiple deployment stages. Instal software without end-user interaction or present it in an enterprise app store for a self-service experience.


Proven Enterprise Mac management

We've helped organisations manage their Macs for years. Let Ivanti enable your organisation secure and manage your Macs along with your iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Android, and Linux devices using a single unified solution.

Enhanced Security

FileVault-enablement and device encryption. SSO extensions provide secure authentication for end users. Managed Device Attestation is now available on macOS and offers strong assurances about the security posture and properties of a device.

Enable Macs to be self-healing and self-securing

Mac devices can be diagnosed and healed quickly (and autonomously) using automation-powered technology. Speed issue resolution and free up IT resources to focus on innovation.

Declarative Device Management

A transition path from MDM protocol to declarative management and new features only support via declarative management such as enforce software updates.

Simpler Device Enrollment

Enhancements include Required Registration, Account-driven Device Enrollment and Setup Assistant features.

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Comprehensive Mac management for easier device lifecycle administration.

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Meet compliance regulations and protect data on any corporate or employee-owned Mac device.

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Apple Device Management

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