With Ivanti Speakeasy, we have an easy, low-cost, agile way to offer better supply chain services

Gist is a 24/7 supply chain company that offers innovative solutions around contract logistics, global freight management, and temperature-controlled distribution. It serves a range of customers from the commercial and industrial sectors, and specialises in managing supply chains for perishable and chilled products. One of the company’s best-known clients is Starbucks, for which it manages logistics operations for dairy, ambient non-food, fresh chilled, and pastry products delivered to approximately 800 stores in the UK and Ireland.

Industry: Supply Chain

Employees: 5000

Website: http://www.gistworld.com


Traditional voice applications found a home in warehouse picking, but cost and implementation efforts hobbled the productivity benefits. With Speakeasy, companies can add voice to the applications they already have—such as terminal emulation or web apps.
Avalanche Enterprise Mobile Device Management manages some of the most demanding, high-profile supply chain mobility solutions in the world. Companies can configure, deploy, update, and maintain smartphones, barcode scanners, wearables, and more in one system.

Spotting opportunities for optimization

A key element of Gist’s business is warehouse stock picking, which must be carried out quickly and accurately to ensure that the right products get to its customers on time. Gist is always looking for ways to pick stock faster, which is difficult when pickers must hold a device in one hand. For a customer like Starbucks with small quantities of multiple items for multiple destinations daily, both hands should be free for maximum speed. What’s more, keying numbers into a device is especially awkward for pickers working in cold storage and wearing gloves.

Benefits to Gist

Pain-Free Productivity

Gist chose to deploy Ivanti Speakeasy (powered by Wavelink). Pickers work without interruption, by simply saying ‘next’ to confirm their picks.

Speed, Efficiency, Accuracy

With hands free and no need to type, warehouse stock pickers can work with greater speed and accuracy to meet clients’ service level agreements sooner and with fewer resources.

No IT Changes

Ivanti Speakeasy (powered by Wavelink) sits on top of the telnet client that is installed on all of Gist’s devices.

Rapid ROI

Within three days of implementation, Gist had two Speakeasy devices up and running within its live environment, growing to 12 devices over a six-week testing period.

Ease of use

New pickers spend just a couple of minutes training in the warehouse so that the system learns to filter out loud background noise.

New levels of flexibility

Ivanti Avalanche (by Wavelink) eases software distribution, sending configuration updates and providing full management of Gist’s mobile devices.

Picking with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy

With Ivanti Speakeasy, Gist now has an easy, low-risk, agile way to offer better supply-chain services. It’s a great example of how Gist employs the latest technology to improve logistics for its customers.