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Ivanti Speakeasy

Voice-Enablement Software

The fastest, easiest way to add voice to any applications.

Add voice to any application

Accelerate picking speed and order accuracy by voice-enabling telnet and browser apps on the Velocity platform. Speakeasy simply integrates with existing deployments without changes to host apps.

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Voice-enable apps you already have

Speakeasy means you don't need to abandon investments you've already made. You're enhancing their value. Speakeasy works with your existing Velocity implementation.

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Boost your perfect order rate

Adding voice not only helps optimise workflows for speed, voice boosts accuracy in order fulfilment tasks. Customers realise picking accuracy as high as 99.95%!

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Part of a multimodal data-capture solution

Add voice where voice makes sense—alongside barcode scanning, key entry, and more for an optimised data-collection solution that accelerates productivity.

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Add voice in 30 days or less

Speakeasy integrates easily onto the Ivanti Velocity platform, so adding voice-directed and voice-entered workflows is fast. And the ROI is measured in weeks, not quarters.

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100% device-based voice processing

No need to train Speakeasy to recognise unique accents or dialects. Users pick up any enabled mobile device and get to work.

Fast training times

Eliminates the need for a server to handle voice encoding and decoding.

Hands off your host system

Add voice without incurring costly modifications to your enterprise system.

Middleware or system interfaces? No way!

Speakeasy leverages your mobile app to interface to the host, eliminating the need for expensive add-on software.

Forget about voice-specific hardware

Your mobile device has the power to handle voice processing, so there's no need for dedicated voice hardware.

How much time can you save?

For picking apps, receiving, cross-docking, and other tasks, adding voice helps workers keep moving—doing more, faster. Whether you're running a DC, operating a 3PL business, or anything else in the supply chain, Speakeasy unleashes the power of your mobile-productivity initiatives. See how we helped Weber cut picking time.

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See how Voice works

See how easy it is to learn and use Speakeasy.