Ivanti Extends Their Cybersecurity Offerings With Neurons for Zero Trust Access to Help Customers Elevate Their Security Posture in the Everywhere Workplace

With Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access, customers can secure access across users, devices, applications, and networks - anywhere, anytime - and align with President Biden’s Executive Order to enhance cybersecurity

SALT LAKE CITY — 27 July 2021 —

Ivanti, the automation platform that discovers, manages, secures, and services IT assets from cloud to edge, today announced the latest release of Ivanti Neurons™ for Zero Trust Access. Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access helps organizations improve their security posture through a Zero Trust aligned and flexible direct-to-application access solution. With this announcement, Ivanti continues to deliver on its mission of securing the Everywhere Workplace, in which employees use various devices to access corporate networks, data, and services as they work from different locations.

This announcement comes on the heels of President Biden’s Executive Order to enhance cybersecurity. The order states that federal agencies must “develop a plan to implement Zero Trust Architecture, which shall incorporate, as appropriate, the migration steps that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) within the Department of Commerce has outlined in standards and guidance, describe any such steps that have already been completed, identify activities that will have the most immediate security impact, and include a schedule to implement them.”

“Zero Trust should be in the hearts and minds of all IT and security professionals today,” said Dr. Chase Cunningham, industry analyst, formerly of Forrester and creator of Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem. “Zero Trust is more important today than ever before due to the recent onslaught of attacks we have seen from sophisticated threat actors. While the White House’s cybersecurity executive order directly impacts federal agencies, all organizations should implement a Zero Trust strategy to achieve comprehensive visibility across users, devices, apps, and networks, and combat growing cyberthreats as quickly as possible.​”

According to a recent survey conducted by Ivanti, 98% percent of North American IT and security practitioners say their security practices will become more aligned with a Zero Trust strategy over the next year, including 21% who say they’ll become significantly or completely aligned. This is critical as the Everywhere Workplace demands Zero Trust security. Zero Trust security is a framework designed for modern enterprises to better secure their data. At its simplest, Zero Trust security enables organizations to achieve stronger and more impenetrable IT environments by continually verifying each asset and transaction before permitting any access. Verification includes, but is not limited to, strong authentication of users, posture checks for devices, and micro-segmentation of networks. Zero Trust security also requires that context be taken into consideration.

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access can help organizations mature along a Zero Trust framework, scale their cloud services, and improve business agility -- all while delivering seamless and secure user experiences. Unlike other solutions, Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access can be used standalone or in conjunction with VPNs and other networking investments, delivering rapid time-to-value and enabling customers to build a best-of-breed zero trust ecosystem. Customers can securely implement new cloud apps and services in weeks instead of months, without incurring data transfer costs implicit in other remote access solutions. While many other providers require networking replacement, Ivanti uses the internet and works within existing environments to expand secure access, increasing business agility and improving productivity, and flexibility.

“Forming a strong security foundation through a Zero Trust strategy is ground zero for securing the Everywhere Workplace,” said Daniel Spicer, VP of Security at Ivanti. “With Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access, organizations can align with a Zero Trust architecture and advance their security posture while improving end user experiences. And perhaps best of all, customers can achieve greater granularity in contextual policy enforcement without replacing their existing network access investments.”

Ivanti Neurons for Zero Trust Access is now available. It is being used by enterprises of all sizes across multiple sectors, including energy, financial and defense, to provide employees with easy access to the resources they need while ensuring the most stringent levels of security. Please visit our product page to learn more.

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Ivanti makes the Everywhere Workplace possible. In the Everywhere Workplace, employees use myriad devices to access IT applications and data over various networks to stay productive as they work from anywhere. The Ivanti Neurons automation platform connects the company’s industry-leading unified endpoint management, zero trust security and enterprise service management solutions, providing a unified IT platform that enables devices to self-heal and self-secure and empowers users to self-service. Over 40,000 customers, including 78 of the Fortune 100, have chosen Ivanti to discover, manage, secure, and service their IT assets from cloud to edge, and deliver excellent end user experiences for employees, wherever and however they work. For more information, visit www.ivanti.com and follow @GoIvanti.


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