Since debuting in 2015, WIndows 10 has been at the forefront for most businesses computer systems. As Microsoft’s safest and most efficient operating system, it's easy to see why upgrading your computers is essential to generating a more proactive and practical workplace environment. Here are a few reasons as to why you should migrate to Windows 10.

Stronger Malware Security

When migrating to Windows 10 it should be noted that it comes with a Windows defender exploit guard which means it regularly scans for quarantines and removes any malware that could be damaging to your computer’s operating system. In addition to this ransomware protection, it also comes with various other tools that prevent attacks from happening and block any harmful programmes affecting your computer or office network.

Migrating to Windows 10 allows you to have the peace of mind and reassurance that you and your data is protected against any potential security threats. However, you will still need to ensure that you have effective patch management processes in place in order to better detect any vulnerabilities.

Improves Productivity

Windows 10 is designed to enhance user productivity. With hundreds of features to choose from, Windows 10 can help support its users and provide effective ways to seamlessly multitask with minimum effort.

Fitted with a virtual assistant, known as Cortana, Windows 10 allows you to use your voice to give commands which not only saves time but also improves the way you operate at work. Cortana can send personal alerts, suggestions and reminders based on your set preferences, emails and other data from your Microsoft account. Other ways in which Windows 10 can help improve user productivity is through their task view to find app windows as well as touchpad gestures for quick tasks.

More Windows Support

Microsoft recently announced that they will no longer be providing technical assistance to systems fitted with Windows 7 after 14th January 2020. As a result, if your computer is still running on the old system then it will become exposed to hacks, malware, viruses and other potential security flaws. With Windows 10, however, you can rest assured that your business is fully protected and receives regular automatic updates and security checks.

Automatic Access to Cloud Systems

Along with all the other benefits, one of the main reasons to migrate to Windows 10 is it’s automatic access to cloud-based systems. Delivering a “mobile-first, cloud-first” approach, Windows 10 offers a simplified, modern management solution that is perfect for any fast growing business.

Cloud computing means that you can essentially create a virtual office space, giving you and your employees the flexibility to connect, work and deliver anywhere at any time. With a growing number of mobile and web-enabled technologies, such as smartphones and tablets, it is essential that your users can have access to their data and files at any time whilst maintaining a secure and efficient workspace.

New Runtime Configuration Tools

Since the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft have developed new runtime configuration tools, designed to easily transform devices from their off-the-shelf state into fully configured business devices. As a result, it resolves some of the complications associated with setting up wireless networks, VPNs, email profiles, enforcing security policies and installing apps, security updates and language packs.

User Personalisation

Another key benefit to Windows 10 is its ability to personalise the user experience and obtain a structured and organised workspace that is easier for the user to navigate and work their way around. Keeping the user experience consistent is an important aim when it comes to any Microsoft tool and thanks to Windows 10, it has never been easier to extract and move user profiles, settings, and files between Windows versions fluidly.

For more information on how your business can migrate to Windows 10, feel free to contact us today and speak to one of our advisors.