Remote working, working from home or working anywhere that isn’t the office can be considered a benefit that allows for great flexibility in today’s modern society.

Aside for some obvious pitfalls that can occur with remote working (children, pets, deliveries, etc), one thing that has certainly made it entirely possible is ‘Cloud’.

For some time now, ‘Digital Transformation’ has been a well-used marketing buzz term. What we can’t deny is we are now truly living out the benefits of Digital Transformation and that continues to evolve as technology continues to develop. Cloud has contributed a significant shift in the way that organisations are run. It has enabled them to be more agile, collaborative and resilient.

One additional area is ‘Continuity and Resilience’ and Cloud as part of the Digital Transformation has made this possible and much easier for most organisations.

This is a true example now of realising Digital Transformation. In a recent published Ivanti blog, I discussed the benefits of organisations having an efficient Self Service with workflows and automation that are able to turn business processes into effective outputs, quickly.

This creates the ideal interface for the core areas of the business to request IT, HR, Facilities and other business support units; furthermore, such transformation has made the working from home experience no different to working in the office.

Changing Business and Market Requirements

At Ivanti, we take feedback from our customers to focus our efforts in the most highly requested areas.

A ‘must have’ from customers in the past couple of years was a requirement for mobile access to Ivanti Service Manager. When we start to look at some of the research from, it is hardly surprising:

  • At the start of 2009, internet usage was nearly 100% desktop based.
  • By October 2016, mobile internet usage overtook the desktop (51.3% vs 48.7%).
  • In 2020, multiple studies suggest this is now as high as 80%.

The research also suggests that as this trend continues, mobile and tablet devices will be the new norm possibly even making the traditional laptop obsolete.

With the use of mobile devices and tablets, 90% of the time is spent using apps. The reason for this is that engagement is up to four times better in apps than mobile web browsers.  Users expect a more seamless and slicker experience within an app vs the mobile website equivalent.

This is why Ivanti Service Manager has a dedicated app that allows for access to things like Self Service, Knowledge Base and to Request Support.

‘Analyst on the Go’

Some examples might include;

Desk visits – needing to make notes on an incident, access knowledge articles or history of a ticket whilst away from the desk, search for related Problem tickets.

Server room activities – raise, update, close tickets on the fly.

Remote work/on call at weekends – managing queues, escalations, updates.

On the flip side, you have a vast end user community who will want to easily raise support issues, submit new requests, track existing requests or simply look for knowledge articles. The benefits of being able to do this on your mobile means that your end users are not limited to their laptops or desktops. It also encourages the use of Self Service and reduces email and telephone communications.Self Service is often viewed as a key component to speed up resolution, increase Self Help through the Knowledge Base, this will vastly improve end user productivity and IT efficiencies.

According to the SDI Bench Marking Reporting 2019, 45% of incidents were raised by Telephone and 33% by email. Self Service Incidents was still relatively low at 23%.

An existing Ivanti Service Manager Customer, Aggreko, found that the use of the new self-service portal is increasing rapidly—up from 0.8% to 10% in the first quarter alone since implementation.

Ivanti Service Manager Mobile App allows easy access via a simple interface on an end users mobile device, more conveniently at times when booting up a laptop might not be possible or convenient. It also allows your IT workforce to have the power of Ivanti Service Manager in their hands.