With face to face events taking a back seat for the remainder of 2020, and what feels like an eternity ago where we were all strolling around conference centres, scooping up the free swag, fighting our way through the masses of people, walking the corridors with endless grey carpet and overpriced coffee, eventually finding our way to one of many theatres where, if we were lucky, take a seat and listen to the keynote speaker of the day – we are now forced to live in the world of virtual reality!

Constantly faced with vendors trying to pitch their products, each one sure that they are the best and exactly what we are looking for, but in reality, all we want is just another free pen!

Yes, 2020 has been a challenge for sure, throwing a curve ball or two along the way.  But guess what!  The sun still shines, the flowers still grow and tomorrow is another day.  We’ve adjusted, we’ve had to make sacrifices, changes at home and the way we work, including the way we interact with one-another.

And so came the explosion of Virtual of events, the re-birth of the Webcam and the confusion of ‘where is my mute button?!’

Here at Ivanti we are no different, we held our very first virtual event at the beginning of Summer and it was a roaring success, so much so, we have decided to hold another in November – This time we are going bigger and better, as the saying goes, ‘Go Big or Go Home!’ Well we are certainly going big and we would love for you to be a part of this, the agenda is huge, the content is great, and we can’t wait to bring you Ivanti Solutions Showcase.

When?:  24th November 2020

Time?:   09:30 GMT

I want to join: Great, click here

‘But why do I want to join another virtual event?’  I hear you say. Well, we’ll be sharing our new strategy, our updated roadmap and we will be covering some of the challenges we’re all facing in this new world.

  • When Remote Work – Simply Works
  • Guessing Is Not a Viable Strategy - How to Get All the Contextual IT Insights at Your Fingertips Self-Heal and Self-Service from Cloud to Edge 

Our event will bring you insight and affirmation that Ivanti continues to deliver solutions that help you and your organisation, even within this new normal.

We can’t wait to see you there “virtually speaking”.