Reduce Escalations and Accelerate Resolutions

Automatically discover, diagnose and remediate incidents for fewer escalations and faster resolutions.

Shift left to accelerate issue resolution and reduce costs

What if you could fix an issue before your users even knew they had one? With Ivanti, you can identify, diagnose and remediate incidents that you'd otherwise need to escalate to a specialist. Discovery, automated bots and actionable asset insights combine to form a powerful solution — so you can shift left and make complex, lengthy and expensive escalations a thing of the past.

With Ivanti’s ITSM Premium solution package, you can broaden your organisation’s shift-left strategy to include intelligent automation for proactive, preventative management of incidents and requests.

Resolve issues faster

Transform your service desk team from reactive to proactive by automating workflows and providing self-service capabilities.

Dramatically decrease ticket resolution times, freeing your team to take on more strategic initiatives and make a bigger business impact on your organisation.

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Minimise escalations

Make first-line issue resolution the standard.

Reduce complexity for all by decreasing work interventions and minimising disruptions.

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Optimise costs and spending

Reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your budget by better utilising your resources and assets.

Actionable insights allow you to maximise productivity and efficiency, making the best possible use of your IT spend.

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Reduce security risks

Always have a clear and accurate picture of current asset information.

Scan assets without needing to instal agents on all your network devices.

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Improve employee satisfaction

Improve your IT service delivery with AI-driven ticket classification, user sentiment collection and extensive pre- and post-ticket automation bots.

Resolve issues quickly and provide a stress-free employee experience with self-service portals.

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Features and capabilities

Features that empower the service desk

A shift left IT analyst workspace where first-line support can troubleshoot, initiate a bot, or do remote control or specialised actions directly from that workspace, without having to escalate to IT specialists.

Self-service portals

Deliver a personalized experience for every user with self-service portals.

Graphical workflow designer

Create purpose-built workflows for anything, without needing development resources.

Actionable insights

Monitor service delivery, quality and commitments with role-based dashboards.

Virtual agent

Use AI-powered chatbots to transform your users’ service experience.

User sentiment

Use automated surveys for interactive user feedback collection to help you understand and improve the employee experience.

Pre- and post-ticket automation

Open and close tickets on autopilot, so you can focus on strategic work.

Asset discovery

Make your IT user experience more efficient and secure with real-time visibility of your assets.

Zero-impact troubleshooting

Diagnose and resolve end-user device issues on the first call with a service desk analyst workspace with remote control tools and automation bots.

Self-healing AI

Leverage automation bots that constantly look out for potential device issues and vulnerabilities, flagging and even resolving them for you before they harm your environment.

Efficiency achieved through intelligent automation

The Ivanti ITSM Premium solution package supports automated service management, strategic asset management, real-time healing and AI-powered self-service, enabling you to truly reduce escalations and accelerate resolutions once and for all. Along with Ivanti Neurons Digital Assistant (sold separately) ITSM Premium provides the full set of capabilities you need to shift left and realise the benefits of intelligent automation:

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