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Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence

Real-time Operational Awareness

Powerful insights, straight from the Edge.

Tap into the Digital Employee Experience (DEX) from anywhere at any time

As an integral piece of the Ivanti Neurons platform, Ivanti Neurons for Edge Intelligence gives IT the ability to gather real-time insights from all devices using Natural Language Processing. It provides operational awareness in seconds of inventory, health and security configurations across the edge leveraging a sensor-based architecture.

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Real-time DEX insights

See the device, get insights and take action all in a moment.

Real-time operational IT awareness

Find out what is going on in IT right now, compare actual state versus policies, and measure the progress of projects.

Unparalleled Speed

Spend less time reconciling data. Get insights in minutes or seconds vs days or weeks. Manage known problems immediately as they are encountered.

Simple and intuitive

Intelligence without complexity. Edge Intelligence leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) that allows users to find what they are looking for by simply asking a question.

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