File Director

Centralise User Files, Automate Windows 10 and 11 Migration, and take control of OneDrive and Google Drive.

Pain Relief
Control, audit & secure user desktop files.
Data Sheet
Effortless File Migration to OneDrive
CAUTION: Time to get graphic.
Windows 10 and 11
Give user files some love during migration.
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File Director

Sync users’ desktop files to on-premises or cloud storage with total IT control, audit, and security

File Director syncs user desktop files—even PST files—to on-premises or cloud storage with total IT control, audit, and security. Users get an unchanged Windows desktop experience, with zero disruption during an OS migration and total file access from any device.

In addition to Windows 10 and 11 migration, this approach makes any migration, break-fix, or desktop transformation project effortless. 

ivanti file director screenshot

File Director gives users and IT what they want

Users get a familiar Windows experience—IT gets effortless desktop migration, reduced data centre storage costs, support of multi-platform clients, and desktop file audit and control capabilities.

Connect to OneDrive
Capture, control, and audit Office 365 users’ 1TB of OneDrive storage.
Cloud Ready
Control users’ desktop files in on-premises, hybrid, or full cloud environments.
Win 10 and 11 Migration

File Director + Environment Manager separate user personalization and data from the OS, simplifying Win 10 and 11 migration.


Control where files are stored.

File access

Granular file-access policy.

Any device

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Web.


OneDrive for Business support.

Fast, secure, easy-to-use file sync and storage

Provide users with an alternative to consumer cloud services. File Director lets you fully leverage existing resources and workflows to give users a simple, unified method to access and share files. 

ivanti file director screenshots

User Workspace Manager

Ivanti File Director is part of the Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) suite, which also includes Ivanti Application Control, Ivanti Environment Manager and Ivanti Performance Manager. Using a centralised management console for all of the applications in the suite, UWM helps organisations to deliver responsive, secure desktops that provide an outstanding employee experience, save money on servers, manage users more effectively and reduce endpoint security risk.