Performance Manager

Boost the number of users on servers; control CPU-hogging apps and resource apps.

Unsurpassed Performance

Increase users per server while dramatically reducing hardware investment.

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Boost users per server

Save an average of 40% on server hardware

Ivanti Performance Manager ensures every user is dynamically allocated enough CPU and memory to experience unsurpassed workspace performance.

The solution enables more efficient use of system resources, enabling vast increases in users per server and saving an average of 40% of their cost on server hardware.

Dynamic and autonomous resource self-healing mitigate resource drain and ensure a consistent user experience.​

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Save money... lots of money

IT is the second-largest power consumer in most organisations, whether you are on-premise or running on an IaaS platform. Learn how Performance Manager can reduce your power usage and costs, or your IaaS spend.

40% savings
Improve system capacity and consolidate hardware to gain an average of 40% savings on hardware costs.
Maximise Hardware
IT's the second-largest power consumer in most organizations. Learn how Performance Manager can reduce your power usage and costs.
Take advantage of corporate-policy best practice using our built-in configuration templates.

CPU throttling

Unique, patented CPU control.

Smart scheduling

Give users a fair share of CPU.

Memory trimming

Vastly increase server density.


Consistent performance for a better experience.

Powerful rules

Context-triggered control.

Gain more from your existing IT investments

With Performance Manager, you get more server performance, more productivity, more users per server, more application predictability—and more savings.

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User Workspace Manager

Ivanti Performance Manager is part of the Ivanti User Workspace Manager (UWM) suite, which also includes Ivanti Application Control, Ivanti Environment Manager, Ivanti Browser Manager and Ivanti File Director. Using a centralised management console for all of the applications in the suite, UWM helps organisations to deliver responsive, secure desktops that provide an outstanding employee experience, save money on servers, manage users more effectively and reduce endpoint security risk.​