Ivanti Launches Licence Optimizer to Manage and Enhance Complex Server- and Data Centre-Based Enterprise Software

New Software Asset Management (SAM) Tool Provides IT Departments with Better Visibility and Control to Manage IT Estates

SALT LAKE CITY — 7 February 2017 —

Ivanti today unveiled Ivanti Licence Optimizer, a software asset management (SAM) tool that provides enhanced visibility and management capabilities to optimise complex licencing structures across all vendors, platforms and licencing models. Licence Optimizer comes as an add-on to Ivanti’s robust IT Asset Management Suite, which delivers the discovery, workflow and lifecycle management technology customers need for an effective ITAM solution.

Ivanti Licence Optimizer helps asset managers understand even the most complicated server-based enterprise software, including those offered by Oracle, Microsoft, VMware and IBM. These data centre applications can be challenging to track due to the transitory nature of physical and virtual machines, the complexity of vendors’ licencing agreements, and the frequency of changes to licencing terms and conditions.

“The complexity of the data centre just got easier,” said Ian Aitchison, ITAM Product Director at Ivanti. “Ivanti Licence Optimizer takes asset management to the next level by transforming the way we understand the data centre and other server side applications. With this solution, we’re enhancing our current ITAM offering and providing advanced functionality to enable our customers to better manage their software and generate effective licence positions.”

Ivanti Licence Optimizer caters to asset managers by gathering the necessary insights to minimise cost, mitigate risk of audits, and support transformation initiatives across IT environments. Users can also gain visibility into underlying hardware to support the software needs. Licence Optimizer is helping customers improve asset management in the following ways:

Manage Software More Efficiently – Licence Optimizer delivers technology and expertise to aid IT departments to optimise these investments by reducing costs proactively. Additionally, customers gain access to detailed cost and benefit analysis to support effective decision making.

Improve Understanding of Complex Software Asset Management – With the help of Licence Optimizer, IT departments can gain a better understanding of complicated vendor licence challenges for cloud-, desktop-, server- and data centre-based products.

Realise Effective Licence Position – Licence Optimizer converts complex licence data into accurate, effective licence position against the current licence terms of each selected vendor.

Advance Licence Optimization – Get product-specific recommendations for manageing IT investments to curb overspend and reduce financial risk.

Mitigate Risk Associated with Vendor Audits - There's a growing risk of audit by vendors with severe penalties for unlicenced software. Licence Optimizer extends the control of ITSM into the diverse software environment, providing total visibility into desktop, server and cloud systems to ensure compliance.

Build for the Future – With Licence Optimizer, users can create scenarios for initiatives like cloud migration and see the effects before investing their time and resources. Licence Optimizer also enables customers to map software costs to service usage and include detailed factors such as asset depreciation into models.

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