With the chiming of the clock and a quiet NYE celebration, 2020 was in the rear-view mirror and 2021 was the open road ahead, all possibility. We have multiple vaccines to the pandemic and a true way forward for life to return to normal (well some time).

By this point most customers I speak to have the view that we are not going back to how we worked pre-2020. The world has changed, business had to pivot quickly and adapt to continue doing business. For many, a new way of working had some unexpected results:

  • The need for large expensive offices may not be essential, we can do more with less
  • Many users can be productive remotely that were previously thought unsuitable for remote work
  • Managing devices during a pandemic, natural disaster or unexpected event can be a challenge

As we enter 2021 and move beyond the break/fix solutions of 2020, businesses are looking for the next steps of how to make these changes strategic and drive successful outcomes. Common questions I hear are how organisations can:

  • Ensure a great user experience regardless of location, network or device type
  • Manage a sprawling everywhere workplace
  • Reduce the cost to deliver a remote IT model

Ensure a great user experience

Whether a user be in an office, at home or stuck in hotel quarantine they expect to be able to use services securely, predictably and to be supported as if they were in their workplace. It’s the job of the organisation and ultimately IT to try and make that a reality.

For many in EUC, devices are invisible until on the corporate network or VPN. This means once remote, being able to provide the same level of service is challenging. This causes great frustration on both sides.

Being able to provide real-time visibility & support capabilities to any device on any network, on prem, in the cloud or at the edge delivers a massive step up in ability to deliver a great secure user experience. Using IoT technology with a cloud first model, Ivanti can deliver this unique approach of always on connectivity & support.

Manage the everywhere workplace

The services we deliver to users are sprawled everywhere: on prem, in cloud and XaaS. The way we provide connectivity to these services is also disparate. Users could be on ADSL, NBN or 5G, on or off a VPN. Their device could be corporate owned, BYOD, or totally untrusted.

We have now entered the era of the Everywhere Workplace, and how we manage that will dictate how successful IT can be. Success comes in contrasting measures. Successful at securing and protecting the business, delivering a great user experience & service, and managing a financially responsible organisation.

Reduce cost to deliver IT

One thing the pandemic did was squeeze budgets, and in some cases eradicate them. The question is always ‘how do we do more with less?’ One way to accomplish this is by picking a few essential partners to strategically work with rather than having lots of point solutions.

Here at Ivanti we are in the unique position to deliver 3 cornerstones of IT:

  1. Ability to fully manage, secure & service any device on prem, in the cloud or at the edge
  2. A security platform built on security principles from the ACSC to provide confidence & compliance
  3. A Gartner MQ leading Service & Asset Management platform for all sizes and maturity level

This means customers can work with fewer partners, with better pricing, less complexity, and integrated solutions for increased value.

How can Ivanti help you in 2021?

Through the modern device management approaches taken by Ivanti and the breadth of capability, we support our customers in managing the Everywhere Workplace.

Ivanti helps drive several business outcomes. If any of these are of interest let us know:

  • Adhering to security frameworks for compliance, such as the ACSC Essential 8
  • Reducing your risk and exposure by managing & securing not just laptops, desktops & servers but phones, tablets and IoT devices
  • Providing modern support and service to users regardless of location, device or network
  • Reducing the cost of IT by shifting left and beyond to resolve more support issues through automation & integration
  • Providing cost savings through asset visibility and life cycle tracking

For more information on how Ivanti can help you drive the Everywhere Workplace check out www.ivanti.com.au