At Ivanti, our highest priority is our customer. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to share some research that my team and I have found valuable as we have migrated through the COVID period. The two pieces of Gartner research, highlighted below and linked to on our landing page below, really hit home at Ivanti so we wanted to share them with all of you.

The first piece, “Predicts 2021: Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations1”, centers around predictions for 2021 when it comes to one of Ivanti’s key focus areas. The makeup of digital workplace infrastructure and operations can make all the difference in the world in terms of delivering to the bottom-line. These types of research pieces are always helpful to make sure you don’t miss anything and you can see some of the broad strokes the year may have in store. Gartner does a great job with these pieces because they have a deep bench and strong expertise on the topic. An added bonus here, if you are a geek like me, is the ability to go back later in the year to see how many have happened and how many are yet to come.

Here are some specific thoughts on why we believe this piece is important:

  • Great statistics and recommendations on why and how users can deliver unified endpoint management (UEM), security, along with how to tie that in with automation. Sound familiar?
  • Cloud-hosted workplaces and cloud workplace infrastructure adoption are key and will be continuing to accelerate moving forward.
  • Further research on this topic is noted and linked inside the piece itself

The second piece, “Designing Security for Remote-Work-First Enterprises2”, centers around remote working and thinking about security in that context – a favorite topic in today’s day. We aren’t going back to the office any time soon unfortunately, but there are ways to maximize our efforts. Security with a majority of the workforce at home has now moved to the front of the line in terms of critical issues.

Here are some specific thoughts on why we believe this piece is important:

  • Security teams are being challenged in news ways and must adopt a new way of thinking in this area
  • Remote access infrastructure is noted as a critical service
  • Good descriptions of how different players interact in this area

Special thanks to my new team as they have really done their collective homework. We hope to continue to delight you the customer more here in 2021 and beyond.

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More to come, always!

-Mike Adams

1 Gartner, Predicts 2021: Digital Workplace Infrastructure and Operations, Stuart Downes, Dan Wilson, Nathan Hill, Michael Silver, Chris Silva

2 Gartner, Designing Security for Remote-Work-First Enterprises, Jeremy D'Hoinne, De'Onn Griffin, Rob Smith, 30 June 2020