Many organizations have moved to Office 365 and many more are making the move. Office 365 includes 1TB per user of free OneDrive for Business cloud storage.

The challenge organizations face is how to make that storage accessible to their users in a simple-to-consume mechanism.

Office 365 Migration

Training staff and changing their workflows is a big headache and can lead to spikes in support calls. It’s possible not all endpoints will have OneDrive software installed, and as a result, users can’t access their critical data on some machines, causing confusion.

The Solution: Ivanti File Director’s OneDrive for Business

Ivanti File Director’s OneDrive for Business connector provides a simple solution. It automatically syncs user files from local, in-situ folders such as the Desktop, Documents or Pictures folders to OneDrive for Business cloud storage. This allows users to access their corporate files with no change to their workflow, from any device, Microsoft or otherwise.

IT gains complete control over how and where this storage is consumed. Migration of local data to OneDrive for Business cloud storage is fast and pain free, eliminating the problem of data sprawl, where users save file locally to multiple endpoints.

For more information on how you can better leverage your investment in Office 365, provide your users a better user experience, and simplify migrations to Windows 10 and cloud storage, visit the Ivanti website.