Employee Experience Management

Exceptional Employee Experiences Start With IT

When technology touches every moment of the workday, IT owns the employee experience as much as HR. Empower end users and supercharge your IT team with smart use of AI and automation.

Enhancing the Employee Experience through Proactive Service Management

Do more. Supercharge IT.

With exceptional employee experiences as your guiding star and smartly deployed automation in your corner, your IT team can do more.

The 2022 Digital Employee Experience Report

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The pressure's on

It isn’t just about optimizing service delivery. With the Great Resignation upon us, companies are finally seeing employee experience as a value driver for their business – and IT is under pressure to deliver.

Productive experiences

IT must keep employees productive, no matter where they’re working from.

Contextualized experiences

Employees expect seamless access to tools across all their devices, just like with the apps they use in their personal lives – and 24/7 access to support too.

Secure experiences

Employees want the convenience of using any device – both corporate and personal – while IT ensures their security.

Create better employee experiences

Deliver excellent experiences from employees’ day one, whether they are in the office, remote or hybrid. Ensure consistent IT and LOB service throughout the enterprise and prove that IT is a reliable, trustworthy partner.

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Improve responsiveness and proactive resolution.

Resolve problems before employees even notice them – particularly repetitive and mundane tasks like browser performance corrections. And for issues that can’t be self-healed, use automation like virtual assistants or automatic recommendations to speed resolution and increase IT responsiveness.

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Optimize costs and resources.

Do more with less. Self-healing doesn’t only improve responsiveness, it also reduces costs by making better use of resources. Stay on top of it all with sophisticated reporting and dashboards.

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Make risks more visible.

Understand and reduce risk exposure – without negatively impacting the employee experience. Proactively manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance without trading off productivity for security.

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It’s time for IT to lead the charge.

IT has a crucial role to play in employee satisfaction and retention.

Shift left, move the needle on employee experience

The “shift left” movement reduces the amount of intervention and specialization involved in resolving an incident. The ultimate goal: detect and solve issues before any human – end user or IT – has to get involved at all.

As you progress in your shift left and move from traditional helpdesk, to automation-augmented service management, to proactively resolving issues via automation, you’ll improve the quality of service and earn rave reviews from employees – including from the IT analysts who can finally stop wasting their time manually resetting passwords.

Moving up the curve does more than make employees happy. Employee satisfaction directly impacts productivity and retention – so you’re bolstering the bottom line too.

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Where are you on the employee experience curve?

And more importantly – what will it take to get you to the next level?

You know why. You know what. Do you know how?

Service Management Solutions

Deliver amazing employee experiences and business outcomes.

Unified Endpoint Management Solutions

Manage and deliver optimal experiences across all types of devices – everywhere.

Security Solutions

Protect your business with the highest barrier you can get against threats.

Ivanti Neurons

Empower your team to resolve roadblocks – before you experience them.

We don’t need to interrupt an end-user and their day. We’re giving them a better quality of life. We pride ourselves on that as a community bank — we want to deliver that kind of community experience to employees and customers. It’s what we’re really hoping to accomplish for ourselves and everyone.

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