Life is so busy these days, it can be hard to take time out to learn and grow. But a great way to squeeze some education into your day is by reading during your commute (obviously if you are not driving!), during lunch time, while waiting for the kettle to boil… you get the drift.

We have a lots of very passionate, hard-working, and smart women here at Ivanti, so we decided to ask them what inspirational books and podcasts they have been reading and listening to recently.

From specific women in technology books to general business books and blogs, we have a great selection of content to share with you.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

By Dale Carnegie

"This book was first written in 1936 but so many of the stories told within its pages and the advice given still hold true today. The book offers 'practical advice and techniques for how to get out of a mental rut and make your life rewarding'. I found this book entertaining, interesting, and educational and would highly recommend it."

Sarah Lewis – Director, Field Marketing

The Guilty Feminist Podcast

By Deborah Frances-White

"If you are a woman working in IT (or any sector to be honest), I highly recommend this podcast. Every time I listen to an episode I feel empowered and more confident as a female! While feminism is often a taboo word, this podcast is all about supporting other women, overcoming our insecurities and trying to make the world a better place for everyone. All of that, plus adding a bit of humor to your day is a winner for me!"

Kelly Harris – Field Marketing Manager

Standard Issue Podcast

"This podcast was originally born out of a magazine that British comedian Sarah Millican started up. She was inspired to set something up after being criticized in the mainstream press for the dress she wore to the Baftas one year. This is a quote from their site: 'Standard Issue will never tell you who to be, what to wear or how to look. We believe that every woman should feel empowered to simply be herself.'

The podcast is a mixture of opinion and laughs. It has huge support from other female comedians and actresses – French and Saunders, Kathryn Ryan, Caitlin Moran… and the list goes on. It’s refreshing to hear them in their own unfiltered voices. Go listen!"

Emma Ashley – Senior Manager, Engineering


By Lindy West

"This fantastic book discusses how women are socially conditioned to be small – from their physical size to their impact on society. It’s honest, hilarious, and so empowering. It’s not specifically related, but it’s very feminist and definitely helped me grow in the workplace."

Erica Azad – Marketing Communications Manager

Pride and Prejudice

By Jane Austen

"Austen, herself, was raised in a low income family. Never married and wrote until her dying day books that epitomized the slavery women were submitted to in the 1800s. Her heroines are surrounded by a multitude of women that walk various routes of life. In P&P Elizabeth has 4 sisters; The romantic (Jane), the social awkward (Mary), the manipulator (Lidia), the innocent (kitty/Catherine). Then there’s the loyal sceptic, Elizabeth, herself. She doesn’t settle for the first man who comes her way, even at the societal disapproval of the younger sisters being married before her. She has no problem standing up to those in a higher status than her family, and she does it with grace. It’s amazing.

Danielle Roach – Project Manager

I hope this list inspires you to take some time out to read and/or listen to the podcasts! If you have any recommendations for us, we would love to hear about them. You can tweet us @TheTechieGirls.