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The Challenges of Being a Woman in Technology

In this second blog of our Women in Technology survey series, I am going to take a look at the results of question two, which asks: What is your biggest challenge as a woman in technology? Over 63% of women responded that their biggest challenge is: "Being taken seriously in the industry due to g


Who Inspires You? Women in Tech Share Their Stories

There is a lot of talk at the moment about how positive role models can help encourage young girls to pursue exciting careers in technology. The current results of our Women in Technology survey show that over 46% of the 500+ respondents answered the question: "What inspired you to get into technol


Top Tips for Recruiting More Women

Many hiring managers strive to hire more women into tech roles but face challenges when it comes to attracting female talent. This subject comes up time and time again at our networking events so I thought I would collate some of the useful ideas and guidance I have learned and am putting into pract


Getting From Women Vs. Women to Women Supporting Women

Women in technology is not only a huge trend, it’s an important movement for the progression of women in a perceived male-dominated environment. The gender pay gap is slowly but surely closing and we are being treated with more respect. So why is it that some women often find other women the most d