To celebrate Galentine’s Day this week, @TheTechieGirls put together a social media campaign where we asked both men and women, “Who are the women who inspire you?” We got a massive variety of responses, from personal connections to colleagues to celebrities and public figures. Here are some of our favourite responses of the women who inspire us daily.


Carla Thornley, Head of Service Desk, University of Oxford

  • My Two Daughters – “For challenging my assumptions and always keeping me grounded.”

Erica Azad, Marketing Manager, Ivanti

  • My mom – “For teaching me that backpacking Europe in college is just as important as studying. She is proof that all you need to be unstoppable in life is a map, a full tank of gas, time to wander, and Diet Coke.”

Preeti Sondhi, Engineer, Ivanti

  • All the women in my family – “My mom and three sisters have taught me so much about what it means to be a woman in the world, whether that’s as a mother, a sister, a friend – they were my first examples of the many facets of womanhood, and I learn from them every day. They inspire, challenge, and support me every day.”

Sara Coppock, Marketing Executive, Ivanti

  • My mum – “This is a woman that successfully brought up two very strong and independent children. She is my role model, someone that I inspire to be like in every way, a loving mother, and I have no doubt that without her I would not be the person I am today.”

Women in Tech

Amanda Rico, Software Engineer, Ivanti

  • Alexis Lincicome – “Alexis inspires me because she melds aesthetic beauty with high tech engineering. She runs her own thriving business of high tech costume piece design, and is the picture of a modern female entrepreneur and engineer.”

Vijay Mistry, Channel Marketing Manager, Ivanti

  • Jacqueline De Rojas – “Her approach to business is unrivalled, with strong leadership, guidance and tutelage provided to everyone across the organization. Watching her take gutsy commercial decisions for the overall benefit of the company showed me that there’s always a bigger picture in commercial decisions and to take a moment to step back and reflect.”

Sally Bogg, Head of Service Management IT Services, Leeds Beckett University

  • Dr. Sue Black – “She is an amazing role model, through sheer determination and hard work, she turned her life around for herself and her children and has carved out a successful career in tech. She gives so much to the community through her work with Tech Mums, Bletchley Park, and generally raising the profile of women in the tech sector.”

Jeni McSkimming, Field Marketing Manager, Ivanti

  • Hedy Lamaar – “Not only were her beautiful looks the inspiration for Snow White, but she helped invent WIFI through her development of ‘Frequency Hopping.’ She never let Hollywood get in the way of her love for tech!”

Sarah Lewis, Marketing Director, Ivanti

  • Emma Ashley – “Emma manages an amazing team of engineers, creating beautiful products, and still finds time to advocate for women in technology and volunteer for STEM initiatives.”
  • Sally Bogg – “Sally balances her amazing career and family life whilst being an advocate for diversity and women in technology – she really is super woman.”

Katie Langford, IT Communications Officer, Leeds Beckett University

  • Dona Bailey – “Dona was one of the original pioneer programmers in video games. She was the only female programmer at Atari in 1980 and programmed Centipede, which is one of the most influential games in history. Centipede went on to be the first arcade game to attract a large female audience and encouraged women to try gaming as a hobby.”

Public Figures

Sabina Agarunova, Marketing Manager

  • Scarlett O’Hara – “I love the character because she embraces everything about being female, being beautiful, and inspiring women whilst playing a tough survival game in the man’s world amid the Civil War in the 19th century. She is desirable, clever, and knows what she wants and how to achieve it.”

Amberlyn Lamoureux, Customer Success Manager, Ivanti

  • Maya Angelou – “She taught me to hold my head high, be authentic, and always remember that ‘people will never forget how you made them feel.’”

Ben Dickshinski, Demand Generation Manager, Ivanti

  • Coretta Scott King – “In addition to her powerful contributions during the civil rights movement, Coretta helped lay the foundation for discussing issues of economic, racial, and gender inequality.”

Clara Uzan, Talent Acquisition Resourcer, Ivanti

  • Malala Yousafzai – “Malala is an activist for female education and the youngest Nobel Prize Winner. She inspires me because at such a young age, she is so brave and already changing the world through her words.”

Francesca Spencer, Senior Project Manager, Leeds Beckett University

  • Queen Elizabeth I – “Born a disappointment, she fought hard and dedicated her life to her people whilst staying true to her beliefs to become one of, if not the, greatest ruler of all times.”

June Dean, Marketo Consultant, Ivanti

  • Nancy Astor – “For being the first female member of UK Parliament breaking the ceiling for all women.”

Iulia Gheorghiu, Sales Development Representative, Ivanti

  • Waris Dirie – “Waris is a Somalian model who managed to get the United Nations to make the female circumcision process illegal in multiple African countries. She is an example of somebody who turned something tragic into something positive.”

Roisin Tims, Marketing Manager, Ivanti

  • Michelle Obama – “Michelle inspires me because she is not afraid to speak out on issues she believes in and support them the best way she can.”

Lynn Phillips, Web Content Manager, Ivanti

  • Tarana Burke – “The #MeToo movement has inspired women to speak out about their own experiences with sexual assault, transforming trauma and fear into empowerment and understanding. Because of her, the world is a safer place.”

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