What’s New in Ivanti Device & Application Control 5.3

Nearly every company in the world incorporates a Mac endpoint into the organization. Without a device control solution to manage these stations we see a real possibility for data leakage risk. This loss happens mainly because of insider threats:

  • Unintentional loss – careless insider
  • Intentional loss – the malicious insider who is trying to steal confidential information.

Ivanti Device and Application Control has historically performed well protecting our customers against these types of threats, but the Mac endpoints can still represent a risk. With the Ivanti Device and Application Control (5.3) update, we took the first step forward into solving this issue, by extending our support for the macOS platform.

From the research we conducted through surveys and customer calls, we decided to prioritize support for the Removable Storage Device class in the new Mac agent. The next update will allow admins to enforce permissions on any kind of removable storage devices.

In future releases we plan to improve upon this class by bringing shadowing capabilities as well as focusing on supporting more device classes with our goal to achieve parity with the Windows agent. We would be delighted to find out what classes you would like to see prioritized in the product. You can tell us by accessing “Product Ideas” from the Ivanti Community Portal.

This will be an exciting year for our product teams since we are preparing more improvements that drive us to our goal in helping our customers achieve bulletproof environments. If you would like to find out more, please watch the on-demand webinar we recently posted.

3 Things to Remember about the Ivanti Device Control 5.3 Release

  1. Device Control for macOS

Support for macOS is one of the most anticipated features from our community and I am happy to say that we have delivered! 5.3 brings the first Mac agent ever released for Ivanti Device and Application control. This first version will enable permission assignment on removable storage devices from the management console. The supported versions of macOS are 10.15 (Catalina) and 11.2 (Big Sur).

  1. Application Control Improvements

Over the years, application control was recognized as a great instrument for achieving a bulletproof environment. This is mainly because of its efficiency and robustness. However, sometimes the rigidity of the product can add additional complexity to the process. We have listened to your feedback and with 5.3 we are bringing new tools to make your life easier when managing application control rules.

  1. Save Shadow Files on Custom Paths

Using shadowing on considerable environments can lead to great storage requirements. To better handle this need, with Ivanti Device and Application Control 5.3 you can change the default path where shadow files are stored. In this case you can use your storage servers or even better, by using third party applications that mount cloud storage drives you can store your shadow files into the cloud. This can be done easily by changing the registry key.

Visit the Ivanti Device and Application Control product page to learn more.