Adam Smith and Rex McMillian sit down to set up a quick clip from their original Windows 10 webinar presented on June 20, 2018. Below is the abbreviate transcript of this brief mini webinar:

[Adam and Rex introduction to the Widows 10 webinar quick clip.]

[Webinar quick clip]

Adam: …features that are about sharing, right? Being able to share information or…they're really good for end-users I think.

Rex: Yeah, these are great features. So first off, you can see I had to share a file. This is one of those slide decks that we worked on for Interchange and I wanted to share it. So I just right click that file that said share and it gives me this nice, beautiful, little sharing menu. It's awesome. And I went down to that thing that says Bluetooth share, and I said share via Bluetooth, and my machine looked out on Bluetooth, and looked at everybody out there and says, "You're sharing." And now there's not a security risk here because I have to accepted this, the guy who shares it, and the person who accepts it has to share it. So both ends have the user authentication. The trick is there is now a new Bluetooth sharing option. It may not be the best thing if I'm in a highly secure environment. 

Adam: So it's not gonna be logged for that information to be passed on like we could...

Rex: By default, it's not something that's being monitored. So it's something that will need to be monitored now or disabled so that we make sure that we don't have a data leak issue. So it's a right sharing feature. It can bring a lot of productivity, but there are challenges and times when we don't want our end-users to be able to do that. So just a new feature. It has pros cons.

Adam: Evaluate that one. Okay, the next one about sharing is this one, the snipping tool.

Rex: Yes, so as I was making those, I really like the new capability. You know, I used to use snipping tool a whole bunch. I had run snipping tools from the OS. Well, now, I don't have to. I just pushed Windows+Shift+S all at one time, and it loads this nice, little snipping tool. You can see it, I just loaded it my screen grade, and I can snip anything on there. It puts it in the clipboard. It's a great tool. Just part of the OS now. So now I can get things off my screen into my clipboard super easy, very nice. Let's go to the next.

Adam: Okay, so with that though, you've got now this clipboard that's, kind of, a big clipboard, not the...

Rex: Yeah, the nice part about clipboard is for a lot years, a bunch of us have bought products that have allowed us to say, "Hey, I want a clipboard of 10 items so I can clipboard multiple things, paste them back in order. Hey, Windows 10 now gives me the ability to save multiple items into my clipboard." That's turned off by default. It also gives me the ability to sync my clipboard across devices. So if I'm logged in with my Microsoft ID on two devices, I can just sync across and I can make snips on one machine and I can paste them on another machine which works great for me building presentations. So I can be on my dev box testing and I can be over my building presentation box, in my clipboard sync, I make some clips over here and I paste them into PowerPoint over there. 

Adam: Love that, it's a great feature. Apple has very similar things. So you can see the OS is moving towards that consumer need.

Rex: Absolutely.

Adam: What the consumer wants.

Rex: It also means that my clipboard syncs through the cloud. That is some reason why we may want to make sure that we have this disabled. They do ship disabled by default, but we may need to make sure that our users don't become admins, and start to leak data through the cloud to unauthorized devices. 

Adam: So another reason to make sure that they don't have administrative rights to their...

Rex: That's right. Or this is another spot where we need to watch things down.

[Adam and Rex also review the key points of this section of the webinar:

  • Sharing tools like Snipping tool and expanded Clipboard can cause security concerns
  • You can turn some features off

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