Productivity is a global language, and the challenge to continuously realize gains year-after-year is universal. Over time, I’ve covered several of the myths about voice applications, hidden costs to watch out for, and also how to add voice to mobile solutions you already have in place. Another topic to consider is how to realize the productivity gains you’re targeting – even with all the dynamics in warehouse technology. For this, I’ll share an excerpt from an article published by MHD Supply Chain Solutions in Australia, authored by Ivanti’s own Simon Storey, country manager for Australia and New Zealand:

From the article: Wearables and Voice, MHD Supply Chain Solutions, January/February 2016

Significant productivity gains

Equipped with a wearable computer and voice capabilities, the productivity improvements for warehouse and DC staff can be seen instantly. Rather than having to pause to refer to ascreen for a pick list and enter commands, details can be communicated to them as they move about the facility.Termed “motion flow”, such an advance can have a large impact on staff productivity.For example, staff at 3M Australia’s warehouse in Sydney have been using voice capabilities for more than 12 months. In that time, the staff have embraced the technology and find it helps them improve accuracy and efficiency.Distribution centre manager for 3M Australia, Daniel La Greca said the high pick rate within his warehouse is extremely complex and labour intensive.‘Our people love the fact that they can now keep their eyes on the ball by speeding-up the scanning stage,’ he said. ‘I’m confident that the ability for us to do all of our picking functions without setting down and picking up devices will save a significant amount of time, resulting in significant savings and new efficiencies.

Check out the full article (registration required), including perspectives on the “perfect storm” of change that warehouse operators are facing, as well as suggestions for how to incorporate these technologies with a layered approach.  How are advances in mobile technology influencing your future plans for maximizing productivity? Email me or contact me on Twitter at @Rob_DeStefano

*This post originally appeared on the Wavelink blog prior to the rebrand in January 2017, when Wavelink, LANDESK, Shavlik, AppSense, and HEAT Software merged under the new name Ivanti.

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