This series of enterprise-focused blogs has been created to raise your awareness of the things to look for to insure the core product selections you make can impact your ability to meet operational needs and expectations. Wrapping up this series, let us explore how Ivanti TE and Velocity is created to meet the mission critical expectations of customer operations teams.

Enterprise-class capabilities

Previous blogs we have covered how Ivanti is standards based, using TCP as our guaranteed message delivery methodology. Others have chosen to rely on a proprietary connectionless protocol to support guaranteed delivery. Unfortunately, the proprietary protocol creates a ripple effect through your enterprise support teams that make problems even worse when they do occur.

Networking tools become ineffective when proprietary protocols come into play. UDP cannot be routed, so Network Admins need to get involved to set up and secure tunnels between subnets. TCP based traffic systems require very little, if any, involvement from IT and Networking teams.

Future-ready mobility

Do you plan to grow the operation where TE and mobile are employed? If so, Ivanti supports standards based load balancing, allowing you to expand without adding new infrastructure to support your TE apps. If the product you choose cannot do that, you may be creating a problem when your company grows.

If you are ever considering moving your host to the cloud or using a cloud based solution, Ivanti TE and Velocity support that today, as well as use over Public Wireless Data Networks, like LTE networks operated by telephone carriers. Server based TE products prevent you from considering cloud based solutions.

Extensive toolkit

Across the Ivanti business, we offer several other products that should be considered to support your enterprise operations. Our database dashboarding product Xtraction is a great example. Build your own real-time reports with an easy to use interface, using data from any of your database systems. Analyze how your business is working without leaving your desk. Allow Ivanti to review your operations today to see if there are other optimizations and benefits we can deliver.

Global support

Ivanti is a global operation with support teams around the world. Support is available 24 X 7 X 365 in a number of languages. Not everyone in the market can make that claim. Our on-line community includes users from small to mid-sized, and large companies, and multinational enterprises. In the community, you can communicate with peers on their thoughts on fixes and best practices.

Over thirty thousand companies rely on Ivanti products in their mission critical operations around the world. Consider the benefits of working with Ivanti: an experienced, global, and enterprise-focused company with products to meet your mobility needs. Do not be misled by small players overplaying their hand. Rely on Ivanti and our proven, 25-year track record around the world.

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