We are all familiar with products that come in consumer and contractor versions. The assumption is that the contractor versions are better built and you should expect to get more from them, and they should last longer. We believe in this concept – that some products are better suited for the tough jobs, while others are simply not designed to meet those demands, despite their overhyped claims.

Ivanti proves this concept to mobility software in the form of enterprise-ready, mission critical mobility software that’s proven to meet the demands of the toughest jobs. This is the first of a series of blog entries that will help you understand how Ivanti develops mobility software to work in your most critical operations – the Ivanti difference.

“Enterprise-ready” means different things to different people so I’ll explain Ivanti’s approach using our Velocity, Terminal Emulation, and browser mobility products as the example.

Global presence

Ivanti is a global company with offices on five continents and distributors and partners on every continent except Antarctica. Our products are internationalized in local languages for businesses to use around the world. The products are built with the ability to support multi-national corporations in mind.

Our worldwide sales force works with local resellers and distribution partners offering global product distribution and expertise. Our products are also available for instant delivery via our online web store. We also make our licenses easy to distribute, offering tools to pass licenses to devices, hands free.

Like our sales and partner network, our technical support organization is available around the world. Our customers can count on 24 x 7 x 365 support for their Ivanti deployments, in a number of languages. Our online community made up of users – big and small, is a place where customers can trade notes on best practices in “real life” implementations, and supplements our support organization.

Proven expertise

Our Velocity, Terminal Emulation and Industrial Browsers are horizontal products that work across many markets and applications. Some are used casually, but others are used in operations where downtime is measured in millions of dollars per hour. Most of these operations have goals to increase productivity by 5 percent or more each year.

The ability to provide reliable, always available products to connect workers to host applications is mission critical.  Ivanti is battle-hardened with three decades of experience in this “must work to support my business” client-based terminal emulation. Over 30,000 companies around the world are running over 10 million Ivanti TE licenses and millions of our other applications to run their operations every single day.

Designed for business continuity

In the same fashion, our products are created to be flexible, allowing you to operate as you need to use them, not how we force for you to deploy and use them. In addition, we offer all the value added accessory system parts you may ever need, but again, you only need to use the things you need, when you need them.

Knowing full well there are IT and Network Administration staffs in enterprises, we don’t dictate your architecture; we work in the enterprise as you define it. For example: We don’t require servers to be on the subnets where your devices operate. Nor do we use nonstandard technologies, protocols, or methods like network tunneling that tie your hands. Finally, we don’t throw everything on one single server in your network and call it an “architecture” (that’s really more like a “single point of failure”).

To wrap up this segment, Ivanti works – in whatever language client or computer operating system you need it – reliably, all the time. With support near whatever location you are implementing. And when something in your network or application doesn’t work we offer you the ability to create a backup and fall back plan to continue operations. Mission critical enterprise strength is a serious commitment. We take your business seriously.

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