I’ve worked with Citrix technologies for pretty much my entire career, starting early when the organization was a little south Florida-based startup producing software that seemed to do magic. In the early days of Terminal Services the challenges were endless, from device drivers that didn’t quite work in a multi-user environment, to pesky applications that spiked the CPU causing bad user performance. In fact, it was the latter of those two problems that was the reason for AppSense coming into existence with technology that focused on delivering a high-quality user experience. This was more than a decade before being acquired by Ivanti.

When we look at the space today, it may have evolved, but there are still many of the challenges from the past such as slow logons, numerous unauthorized applications within an environment and complexity of application script responsible for drive mappings. Today’s average user takes advantage of a myriad of personal computing including laptops, smartphones, tablets and cloud applications. I watched in awe back in 2001 as Citrix presented their vision for the Virtual Workplace when they brought together the future of all their technologies. And in 2017, we can see their vision for the enterprise in practice.

Innovation often brings complexity and insecurity. And for enterprise IT, these challenges can be serious. While it may be cool to see your desktop through a VR device, we (IT) doesn’t know whether the Linux OS running on the headset is secure or that the user can’t do something that could cause legal issues.

As IT, we want our users to feel a sense of freedom. We know that they can procure hardware that is simply out of our budgets and we want them to take advantage of this. Citrix has extended the enterprise workspace to almost every type of device and IT must accept that users will demand these new experiences.

More control over the end-to-end user experience enables you to give your users the sense of freedom that they demand. We can help by enabling you to:

  • Configure the workspace at the point the user logs onto a Windows 10 workstation
  • Deliver applications that are licensed upon demand
  • Ensure that we are aware of the iOS releases on our networks
  • Contextually connect the correct printer at the correct time 
  • Make data accessible in the format (which is most secure to creating the shortcuts for Skype containing the afternoon’s conference call numbers)

Stop by at Citrix Synergy and chat with us (a trusted, veteran Citrix partner) about user experience - we’ve seen a lot! I’d love to show you some of our new capabilities, our broader portfolio and our innovations in-progress.

See you in May (23-25) in Orlando!

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