This morning we announced the RES Software acquisition!

In the following video clip, Ivanti CMO Steve Morton (left) and CEO Steve Daly discuss the RES acquisition.

Ivanti acquires Res - Announcement

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RES Software Acquisition: Why we did it

To keep pace with rapid technological change

"If we're going to scale with all the change that's happening and have the ability to meet the increased needs of the end-user," said Steve Daly, "we have to do something differently. We have to unify IT when it comes to end-user computing."

To break down silos

IT departments often form in silos, which can be a costly problem for businesses. Changes can occur in different areas of the IT infrastructure with little visibility. Steve Morton says RES's ability to unify IT is a major solution to this issue.

To increase automation

"Where most of the growth in the company has come recently is in their automation technology," explains Daly.

As an automation engine that is linked to a lot of other technologies, the RES solution allows you to do things like onboard employees much quicker. Provisioning, de-provisioning, and making changes to the infrastructure based on context are much more efficient processes with automation.

To accelerate integrations

RES has more than a dozen Tech Alliance Partners and offers Automation Connectors for multiple widely used enterprise IT products. This acquisition accelerates a lot of our roadmaps and gives us some really cool technology to automate all of the infrastructure--not just Ivanti technologies.

To increase focus on the customer

"The customer closeness was impressive," says Daly. It became clear after talking to different people at RES that a big part of the culture was taking care of their customers. There's going to be a good cultural mesh as well as a strong, loyal customer base.

To expand our geographical reach

Headquartered in the Netherlands, RES provides areas of expertise and connections from places where Ivanti may not be as strong. For example, RES has experienced great success and growth in some of the European markets. This acquisition will help us grow our business in areas of the world where we haven't had a significant presence.

To build more routes to market

"There's been some interesting work that they've done on routes to market," said Morton. "They have a good, strong system integrator team and they've embedded their technology with some of those SI's. That's certainly attractive to us as well."

As we go to market with this integrated, unified solution, the route-to-market strategy will become a key part of our business.

To combine our world-class people and expertise

"We've done enough acquisitions now that we recognize technology is very copy-able. If somebody sees how it works, somebody in a garage can figure out how to copy it. So what's most important in a software acquisition is the people," said Daly.

Welcome aboard, RES!

If you have additional questions for our CEO Steve Daly or our CMO Steve Morton, please join us at our live Q&A webinar July 13 at 8 a.m. PST, 11 a.m. EST and 4 p.m. BST.