Do you remember the Swiss army knife your grandfather carried in his pocket with him? Perhaps there were six to eight different functionalities to it—a nail file, scissors, blade, screwdriver, etc. He used it for just about everything (even picking his teeth with the knife when your grandmother wasn’t watching).

Whether he’s given you his simple model or you’ve caved and purchased the $320 mammoth with 83 different functionalities, the jack-of-all-trades that is the Swiss army knife is a traditionally indispensable tool.  

Much like the variety of simple tasks one Swiss army knife can complete, a unified and automated service and endpoint management solution contains all the information for all of an organization’s IT services and its hardware and software inventories. AKA, it’s a single solution to address multiple different incidents and deploy multiple different software packages to your end users.  

Unified IT: Value That’s Immediate and Demonstrable

A sample organization with 10,000 employees, 3,000 service requests a month, 40 hours a week spent managing changes, and 25 application/upgrade deployments per year can experience $1.5 million in savings from maximizing operational efficiencies and reduced IT costs alone. Through improved service quality and compliance, annual benefits can be as much as $2.3 million.  

Based on interviews with Directors and Managers of IT Operations, Services Management, Systems Engineering, Deployment, and Delivery and Support at a number of U.S. and international organizations, the value falls into three main categories:  

  • Maximize operational efficiencies  
  • Reduce IT costs 
  • Improve service quality and compliance  

Each value can be broken down further into a set of specific benefits, as illustrated in the chart below:  

value area and specific benefits infographic

To get the full picture of each specific benefit within the three value areas, click through to the next blog in this series: Maximizing Operational Efficiencies: Removing the Thorn From IT's Side With Unified Solutions.

And to see how the Ivanti Service Manager solution could help your organization, download the full white paper here.

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