I have been going to security shows like RSA for a decade!

I know.

I am turning 40 this year, and more and more of these little realizations of my age are becoming apparent. But setting aside my midlife crisis for a moment…

Prepping for an event like RSA takes a lot of time and effort. Getting the product releases lined up and the messaging just right. Choosing a theme that will make you stand out on the show floor. Prepping demo machines, training the team on what we are messaging this year, registrations, travel arrangements... the list goes on.

Then the show begins and you work long days at the show, meeting analysts and partners, evaluating other technologies at the show, and working the booth.

As I make all these preparations for RSA 2019, I thought about the reasons I like going. What draws me back to an event like this when I know that I'm going to be working extra long days, on my feet for most of that time, and talking until I lose my voice?

Well, let me tell you what drives me back to RSA each year, and more specifically, what am I most excited about this year.

Ivanti at #RSAC 2019: Booth #1143

March 4-8, Moscone Center, San Francisco

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Why I'm excited for RSA 2019

5. I get to see all the cool security technologies.

See what is new, what has evolved. My wife and kids give me odd looks when I get excited and geek out on cool technology that isn’t social media or video games.

4. I get a chance to put my “baby” on display for the world to see.

A product manager takes pride in their product. Getting a chance to introduce so many new people to the solution that you have spent so much time and effort on is a powerful driver.

3. I get to see a lot of people I have met over the years.

Especially customers I have grown to know well over the years. You all coming back each year really encourage me to continue with what I do. Looking forward to seeing each of you and meet some new people.

2. The Ivanti team.

Can’t say enough good things about the team I work with. This is a chance to bring our marketers, product managers, and field teams together to do what it is we do best.

1. The big reveal!

The teams have been working hard to solve the next challenges companies face. This is our chance to get our new release out to the market and show how we can tackle these challenges.   

What we'll be showing at the Ivanti booth (#1143)

Risk-based prioritization is a common challenge for companies to overcome today. There is a lot of prioritization done by the security team assessing for vulnerabilities, but much of the remediation is through software updates and the handoff from Security to Operations is often more manual.

This year we want to show you our CVE Import capabilities. We can take the vulnerabilities from any Vulnerability Management vendor and in minutes map those to the extensive catalog of software we manage. This capability will save our customers on average of 5-8 hours each time the security team passes them a report.

Another exciting bit of news for us is we are launching Ivanti Security Controls. This is an evolution of our Ivanti Patch for Windows product. We have added the ability to patch RedHat systems and also expanded the security capabilities of the solution to include Application Control and Privilege Management all from a single management interface. These are the security controls that all security frameworks agree are required to defend against modern cyber threats. Defense in depth without the hassle of multiple solutions.

These and more will be on display at our booth at RSA 2019!

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