An industry known for moving and shaking requires a partner.

It’s become fairly difficult these days to not hear of a new merger or acquisition each month in our IT software community. HCL acquired IBM Big Fix early this year. VMware acquired Pivotal, and then doubled down in its acquisition of Carbon Black. And more recently, Broadcom entered the game and is purchasing Symantec. All this in one year’s work you could say.

Where is all this moving-and-shaking leaving IT teams that use these products? Are teams being supported? Are they concerned about the viability of their software investments, especially those sold to foreign companies? (Lest you forget, Broadcom was denied the purchase of Qualcomm.)

Change Can Be Good, but Disruption Hitches a Ride

Now, this isn’t to say all these changes are negative. They do however create some level of disruption, which, if the outcome has gone according to plan, produces a better product or service. Ivanti itself, has made a number of strategic acquisitions over the years to create a unified IT solution—one that lets IT teams build and scale their environments as needed across multiple service needs while helping them consolidate vendors. With this approach Ivanti becomes more than a vendor, but a partner with our customers for many years to come. Many IT teams have come to rely on this relationship as much as they have on our software.

Uncertainty in the future of your IT investment never feels good. Managing hundreds, if not thousands of devices, and keeping them secure while ensuring users have a good experience isn’t easy. And let’s face it. An IT solution is an investment, so, as a customer, the last thing you should need to worry about is whether your vendor is invested as well.

So, if we know of one sure bet in our IT software community, it’s that changes will happen. (I don’t think we need a Magic 8 Ball for that.) So, use change to your advantage. For example, if you’re unsure about your IT investment—perhaps in some of the above-mentioned products that are going through acquisitions—then explore a possible change for your users.

No matter what enterprise security solution you employ today, Ivanti can show you what it means to have an IT software partner vs just another vendor that hopes you’ll remain a customer after its acquisition. Learn more and request a free quote.

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