The term "fake news" has had a ubiquitous presence in the media over the last 12 months, with an increase in usage by 365 percent since 2016. It has been a nearly inescapable buzzword lately, being defined as: “false, often sensational, information disseminated under the guise of news reporting.”

So how does this term relate to managing IT assets? Well frankly, everything.

Too many executives view ITAM as redundant. "Doesn’t my organization already have insight into the assets we’re utilizing? What’s the big deal if they don’t? Aren’t my employees still productive and the organization still thriving? I bet ITAM is just some scam IT organizations have created to take more resources from us.”

And to that, I respond—no. IT Asset Management (ITAM) is not a scam. Let me explain.

Flaunt your assets. IT assets, that is.

Your IT assets are your greatest assets and you should flaunt them—pardon the expression. They help your business achieve financial and strategic goals, and when managed properly, they can drive your organization towards success.

ITAM allows you to:

  • Discover resource availability and performance for better allocation and cost savings
  • No longer fear audits with compliant contracts and risk management
  • Find favor with your end users, who are productive and positive with better operational success
  • Scale the business and earn more money

With fiscal accountability of your assets, IT isn’t just serving. It’s innovating.

ITAM is REAL NEWS, and we’re going to preach the harsh truth.

A shocking 76.4 percent of organizations admit to over-licensing in fear of audits, and there’s a 68 percent chance that most organizations will be audited within the next 12 months. That means you’re probably spending too much on licenses because an audit might be coming your way within the year.

Get rid of the software clutter, and hear the good news! With SAM processes and tools—like Ivanti’s License Optimizer—you can save 30 percent of the software spend you would typically put in place in fear of an audit.

Download the infographic The REAL NEWS About IT Asset Management for even more insight into how managing your IT assets can truly save you money.

Learn How to Spend Smarter w IT Asset Management graphic