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IT Asset Management for Risk Mitigation, Compliance, and Business Scalability

Food for thought: 30% of IT fixed assets are lurking around as ‘ghosts’ in today’s enterprises. 56% of organizations verify asset location only once a year, with 10-15% only making asset location inventories every five years. So, what? Besides a few missing assets, what’s the big deal? Well fo


Secure and Productive From Day One

Getting workers the right access to the right apps and resources often takes days, even weeks. IT teams are often bogged down by manual processes, leading to downtime, inefficiencies, and possible security risks. And not only do employees need the correct apps and resources when they’re hired, but r


Achieve Hardware Asset Management Nirvana with Seven Key Principles

The new-age of IT is here, and you’re looking to integrate, consolidate, intercommunicate – all those ‘ate’ words. Where IT strategies across various silos are unified, that wonderfully magical place, that’s IT nirvana. And to achieve IT nirvana, you’ve got to optimize everywhere. But, and this is


Ivanti Ditches the Instructional Manual with Asset Manager Essentials, and So Can You!

We’ve all been there. Trying to piece together cumbersome parts of furniture in vain. You could’ve sworn piece A attached to piece B, or should that screw have gone into that leg? You’re ready to rip the instruction manual to pieces or give up – leaving you with a poorly built, frustrating chair (wh


The GDPR – How to Deal with the Aftermath

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect Friday, May 25th, 2018. You’ve probably heard about the GDPR by now – its trending on all your feeds, your own company is concerned – but you’re wondering how it truly affects you. The long and short of it: The GDPR will touch all companies