The company that unifies IT processes has a long, exciting history. We asked our executives about Ivanti and how it stands out from other companies. Enjoy the video and accompanying transcript below.

Give us a brief overview of Ivanti and what the company does.

Steve Daly: The history of Ivanti is pretty long. We started back in the early 90s, so we've been around for a while. We have been very active on the acquisition front. It's really a combination of a lot of different companies that have brought together some unique skill sets and technologies to create Ivanti. 

Tom Davis: Our global presence really is a strength for us. We believe in strength in diversity. And diversity of thought comes from being in lots of different global locations.

Sue Urses: Ivanti has three core values. The first is we want to make sure that we have a great place to work. We're results oriented and we really want to take care of our customer, so customer focus is the third.

Mitch Rowe: Here at Ivanti, we do a tremendous job of enabling today's contemporary IT organizations. We help them manage all of their user devices from workstations, tablets, PC's, laptops, mobile devices—in a very secure environment.

What are you most excited about?

Tom Davis: We can become a catalyst to help IT transform and deliver services and deliver IT in a new way.

Mitch Rowe: The future's bright. This is a exciting time for Ivanti. We have the right talent, in terms of our people, our culture, our go-to-market. We have the right partners and we understand our customers.

Tom Davis: We really can change an entire industry, and that's probably the thing that I'm most excited about.

Steve Daly: The most exciting thing for me is that we're on the cusp of something great. We're changing the way that IT does business. We're changing our company.