While tools alone will not guarantee comprehensive, effective, user-centered security, the right tools can enable and accelerate your progress toward that goal.

Shavlik offers a number of tools that can support your efforts to maximize your organization’s IT security.

Shavlik Protect

When the majority of vulnerabilities come from third-party applications, patching operating systems isn’t enough protection for your organization.

Shavlik Protect is an effective, easy-to-use solution for automating the patching of everything from data center servers to client workstations and virtual environments. It automates patching of not only Microsoft Windows and Office software but also third-party applications from hundreds of vendors, including Adobe, Google, and Oracle.

Shavlik Protect can be configured to deliver agentless or agent-based patch management, and can patch both online and offline virtual machines, including templates and the hypervisor itself. It can even take snapshots prior to patch deployment, so you have a rollback option if something goes wrong. Other capabilities include a library of ITScripts (pre-created PowerShell scripts) that can be customized easily to automate scores of IT maintenance tasks, on demand or on a regular schedule.

Shavlik Protect is also intuitive and easy to configure and use. For many users, Shavlik Protect can be deployed and begin delivering value in as little as 30 minutes.

Shavlik Empower: Heterogeneous Patching in the Cloud

This cloud-based solution delivers patch management for and asset intelligence about Windows and Mac OS X devices. Empower sentinels scan for devices across your environment, then leverage Microsoft Active Directory to extract and map significant intelligence about your organization’s IT assets. Empower then deploys agents that enable comprehensive, flexible patching of Windows and Mac OS X systems, wherever they are.

A browser-based interface enables administrators to view and manage the information collected by Empower sentinels and agents from almost any Web-connected device. Empower can be deployed independently, or as an add-on for Shavlik Protect, Shavlik’s patch management automation solution for datacenter servers, client workstations, and virtual environments.

Fully automate Windows patching, with the flexibility to define policies that lets you filter what you patch by severity, vendor, product family, or product version. Employ the same workflows to manage Mac OS X patching (with some slight differences in filtering options). Minimize user disruption with flexible scheduling and reboot control. Create a firm, flexible foundation for pervasive, effective, transparent security at your enterprise with Shavlik Empower.

Shavlik Patch for Microsoft System Center

For organizations that already know and use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Shavlik Patch is an ideal add-on for enabling SCCM to patch third-party applications. Shavlik Patch delivers updates for more than 1,500 application versions from an easyto-use plug-in that snaps right into the SCCM console. Shavlik Patch enhances security and extends the value of Microsoft SCCM investments, with no additional infrastructure or expertise required.

Secure Mobile Email by LetMobile

LetMobile also supports comprehensive, configurable data loss prevention (DLP) filtering rules for both inbound and outbound traffic based on device, user, location, network and time. LetMobile also integrates with any incumbent corporate DLP systems to inherit existing rules and policies. It’s the best of all worlds for a “bring your own device” (“BYOD”) or “company owned, personally enabled” (“COPE”) environment, since it provides robust data security without interfering in any way with personal use of the mobile device.

The Shavlik Team: Your Expert Security Partners

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